Super Melee Pression 5

Date From 22 Sep, 2019 to 22 Sep, 2019 (1-day event)
Country France
No venue fee has been specified for this tournament.

Singles: 64 entrants, € 7.00.
Doubles N/A
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A

What’s up guys!

After this tournament-filled summer, it’s time for us to announce Super Melee Pression #5 !

Haven’t heard about Super Melee Pression #5 yet?
It’s a 64 player cap tournament that will take place on September 22nd at the Player One in Paris, a video-game themed bar with 13+ Melee only setups, a wide variety of affordable beers and cocktails and a high quality stream handled by the finest, our dear SylpheGaming.
Come and fight against the best level that’s available in Paris, with Raoul and Charlon already registered to this edition, and the likes of Makenshi, Mahie and Tekk coming by every once in a while!

Still not convinced to immediately book your trip to Paris and enjoy the Super Melee Pression #5? Aight, say no more. First of all, this edition is part of the Road to Genesis, find out more about it here.
You want more? Then let us remind you of the affordable drinks, awesome venue and the good Melee!

Come and say hi, it’s fun, we’re good people!
If you considering coming and need help for housing, feel free to ask us on our Twitter!

The Paris Smash Gang

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