Redfox 2018 – Winter

Date From 3 Mar, 2018 to 4 Mar, 2018 (2-day event)
Country Spain
For entering the venue, you will have to pay the venue fee of € 6.00.
Singles: entrants N/A, € 4.00.
Doubles N/A
Singles: entrants N/A, € 4.00.
Doubles N/A
Singles: entrants N/A, € 4.00.Doubles: entrants N/A, € 2.00.
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A

The best Andalusian Smash is back at Redwolf e-Sports Center! Professional stream, four different events and an unbeatable environment keeps the competition rolling throughout the weekend! On this edition we have Melee, Project M and Smash Bros. for Wii U.

At Redfox we also think about the Rookies! With Round Robin pools, Amateur Bracket and plenty of setups for freeplays, you’re guaranteed to play for the whole day, learning from the best!

We offer discounts to players that can bring Smash 4 equipment (Wii U and/or Monitors). Contact the TO in case you would like to bring some, thanks a lot for that!

Maximum capacity for the tournament is 90 players per day, which means 90 players between Melee Singles and PM Singles on Saturday, and 90 players between Smash 4 Singles and Smash 4 Doubles on Sunday.

Venue fees vary per day:
Saturday Venue Fee – 4€
Sunday Venue Fee – 4€
Saturday and Sunday Venue Fee – 6€.

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