LTFGC Comic Con Baltics Beatdown 2

Date From 21 Sep, 2019 to 22 Sep, 2019 (2-day event)
Country Lithuania
No venue fee has been specified for this tournament.

Singles N/A
Doubles N/A

Comicon Baltics is back again in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the newborn Smash scene along with the veterans of the Fighting Game Community are hosting yet another tournament, after the success of the GameOn Lan Party earlier this August. The convention is one of the, if not the biggest one of its kind in Lithuania, and it attracts guests, participants and cosplayers from all over the world. This year for the first time ever, Smash Bros. Ultimate will be a part of it.

The Community is quite small, and thus there’s not many setups, and a lack of entry fee for the tournament also restricts possible prizes, but we can bring talented players you never played against and you’ll be able to say, in the future, “I was there when they still had 3 setups and no prizes”.

Note that a Smash competition will be only be hosted on the 22nd!

You can join the discord server to learn more.

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