Date From 13 Jul, 2018 to 15 Jul, 2018 (3-day event)
Country Spain
For entering the venue, you will have to pay the venue fee of € 7.00.
Singles: 400 entrants, € 10.00.Doubles: entrants N/A, € 7.50.
Singles: 400 entrants, € 10.00.Doubles: entrants N/A, € 7.50.
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A

It has been too long since Madrid’s last huge smash tournament. Finally, the wait is over and it is time to make way for the most ambitious event the nation has ever seen.

Relying on a plentiful amount of setups brought by the members of the community, we will be carrying out Pools, Singles and Teams as well as a much requested Amateur Bracket which will help newer participants truly experience the competitive scene.

Three intense, smash filled days accompanied by Madrid’s superb ambience are awaiting you this 13th through 15th of July in Daganzo de Arriba (Madrid).

7€ Ambassador Registration Fee: Ends 27/03/18
12€ Early Registration Fee: Ends 5/05/18
25€ Late Registration Fee: Ends 25/06/18

Game Fee
10€ Singles
7,5€/person Doubles

Prize Pot
Estimated 4000€.
Estimated 1280€ Singles per Game.
Estimated 750€ Teams per Game.

Free venue accomodation for the first 100 players (we’ll prioritize players outside C. Madrid).

Cap: 400
Pabellón Municipal Daganzo de Arriba.

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