Heir V

Date From 17 Aug, 2018 to 19 Aug, 2018 (3-day event)
Country United Kingdom
For entering the venue, you will have to pay the venue fee of £ 45.00.
Singles: 512 entrants, £ 10.00.Doubles: 192 entrants, £ 5.00.
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A

Fuck it! We’re doing it!

Team Heir is back with the fifth instalment of the Heir tournament series: Heir 5.
With a new venue and an expanded team, Heir 5 is set to be the largest Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament in Europe ever. A four day residential event with a legendary reputation.

What’s Returning?

A 512 capped singles event and a 192 capped doubles event. Both will feature eight-entrant round-robin pools. We pride ourselves on providing 120 set ups for efficient tournament running and ample friendly stations at all times.

The Gauntlet
After the first round of eight-entrant round robin pools every entrant qualifies for one of seven brackets, each consisting of an additional eight-entrant round-robin pool, guaranteeing every entrant a minimum of 14 tournament sets.

International Crews
The worlds only double-elimination international crews tournament returns. The 5 v 5 event featuring teams from around the world is always a highlight of the event.

The Contract
Eight Smashers are voted in to a single elimination tournament by Heir 5 attendees. These players battle it our for a sponsorship from Team Heir allowing them to travel to EU majors for 12 months. Who will follow in the footsteps of Heir | Trif and Heir | Vanity Angel?

Heir’s famous party marquee returns to provide a multitude of side events including pub quiz, open mic night, live bands and early morning karaoke!

Campus venue
Our new home at the University of Leicester provides us with the same experience as Nottingham University. Two conveniently located halls serve as gaming areas, both with their own bars and kitchen providing food throughout as well as campus accommodation in the surrounding buildings. Like every Heir everything you need is nearby so you don’t need to leave. No segregation at Heir – this is a smash village like no other event!

Stream Provided by Geeky Goon Squad
Geeky Goon Squad return to provide the best possible stream and viewing experience for attendees and watchers at home.

On-Site Accommodation
For the festival feel and the true Heir experience we recommend staying at the on-site accommodation available at the Team Heir website. Each room is sole occupancy and en-suite with access to a self catering kitchen and normal hotel room amenities.

Room bookings go live April 4th. Prices are the same as last year. Instalment plans will be available as per every year.

We will be running UCF at Heir.

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