Heir II The Throne

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    No venue fee has been specified for this tournament.

    Heir II is building on the ground breaking foundations of the first instalment – a UK only event that obliterated UK attendance records. This year, we are going international with a; three day event, in a grade II listed building (bloody old and bloody beautiful), with 300 sole occupancy bedrooms ON SITE and everything else you’d expect will be there and more by our super professional staff – Team Heir. Expect 300+ at this event. Why haven’t you signed up yet?!

    Signup at: smash.gg/tournament/heir-ii-the-throne

    International Crews Bracket
    Crews vids
    Melee pools

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    • Layla says:

      I wish I could go, I’ve been playing the Smash games since Brawl (aged 8),ever since I’ve played Smash 4 on my 3DS and I dabble in Brawl sometimes.

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