Òssom Fights preview

Group picture at Hit and Stun 2 last summer with the Òssom Fights venue

After somewhat of a hiatus the past years, the Spanish community has been making significant efforts as of late to regain a healthy tournament scene. They improved their social media presence and now host several online Smash Bros. for Wii U (Smash 4) events. They ran Hit and Stun 2 (HST2) last summer, which featured several European top players like Armada, Leffen, Ice and OverTriforce. The event had a good turnout with about 88 players participating in Melee and Project M and featured upsets like Leffen losing to Ice in a Fox ditto which resulted in his by now well known controller throw. Ice proceeded to lose to Armada. The event was in part hosted by Òssom Animations, which now hosts Òssom Fights. This weekend they are hosting the first edition in Barcelona in what will hopefully become another successful European tournament series.

Looking at the attendance numbers, they still have some work cut out for them though. The venue, Casal Jove De Les Corts, could house around 400 players and the hosts anticipated between 50 and 100 attendees. Though HST2 was advertised as an international event and Òssom Fights is a national, attendance as it is known right now seems a bit on the low side with a meagre 27 players signed up for Melee, 48 for Smash 4 and 19 for Project M. The total is about 66 players. Each event will have round robin pools leading into a double eliminations bracket. The total prize pool makes up around €446,50. There’s plans for a teams event but expected attendance for this is unknown. The attendance numbers are a good reminder that it’s important to grow strong local scenes to really achieve a sustainable European Smash community and increase attendance at the internationals.

Marcbri (green shirt) and Greward next to Abadango from Japan in the center at CannesWinterClash

Once again, Smash 4 is leading in attendance. Top Spanish players to look out for are Marcbri (a Pit main with Diddy Kong as his secondary), Greward (very defensive Mega-Man player), Lion (C.Falcon), Veyron (Greninja), MaZzone (Yoshi) and others. They are joined by Mossy64 from Ireland. Marcbi and Greward have the biggest chance at the gold, both made top 5 at CannesWinterClash last weekend.

Daisuki, the primary candidate for the gold.

Melee has a little over half of Smash 4’s attendance. The Spanish scene looks more divided as Madrid’s top players, like Overtriforce and Trifasia, are not attending. From Barcelona, Daisuki (C.Falcon), Malmortis (Peach and Fox) and Urolok (a variety of chars with Fox, Marth and Peach as his strongest options) will be competing and they are joined by Marquee from Canada. Daisuki has the highest shot at taking the tournament, he placed 17th at RoF3 and the Spanish believe his skill level is comparable to players like Pamaro, Makenshi, Cyr and Quicksilver, though his position on smashranking.eu is considerably lower. The other three are more evenly matched, but stand less of a chance against Daisuki. Attendance for Project M is unknown but it will likely be a mixture of the above.

Both events will have a live stream on Twitch. Smash 4 will be streamed on smashbrosspain and Melee and Project M on OssomFights.

Ossom Fights coincides with three other European Smash events, of which two take place in the Netherlands. Smash Brabant Tournament 2 currently has 93 people signed up, and though payment will happen on the tournament day itself, attendance is expected to get as high as 130. Rotterdam will have the second edition of Smash4United, while Brussels (Belgium) has the next edition of Super Smash BXL to look forward to.

David, one of the founders of Òssom Animation and initiators of Òssom Fights, deserves a mention. He has played a big role in the development of SmashEurope as he made the teaser, which introduced us to the world. We wish him and the rest of the organisation the best of luck with this event.

A big thanks for David for supplying me with the information to write this article, photographs used in the article come from Seya and Òssom Fights.


  • Christophe says:

    when are we going to get an article on Leffen joining TSM? He is the number two (debatable that he is number one) player in Europe and this site seems to over look him a lot.

  • Marc Hagen says:

    Past attempts to get in touch with Leffen for written content have proven unsuccessful. One of the things he was approached for was a pre-APEX interview similar to the ones with Armada and Mr-R. Note that he did end up on the first episode of FFWL and is mentioned in the coverage of any event he attends.

    His recent sponsorship was shared over the SmashEurope social media as we do with all relevant news, but the website itself does not post short news articles.

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