Legend of Melee Preview

This weekend, brings the first national Melee event the UK has seen since Heir to the Throne last August. Brought to us by Peter ‘Inertia’ Willis and the ‘Dair to Dream’ crew (D2D), Legend of Melee looks to bring the Melee spark back to the capital, and continue the momentum created by D2D’s hot new fortnightly event ‘Time to Try’. If you’re unable to be a part of the action, don’t worry, you can catch all the best moments live on selfdestructtv, being led by top streamer Josh ‘Lumpy’ Grimes.

The facts and figures
With the entry cap being met, with an abundance of time to spare, there is a whopping 96 players in attendance, making this the largest UK ‘Melee only’ event the UK has seen in the modern era of Smash. With no lack of competition either, fourteen of the top twenty players in the UK, courtesy of smashranking.eu, will be in attendance, featuring names such as: Professor Pro, Fuzzyness, Vanity Angel, Deathgazer and Jolteon. To add an extra bit of spice to the mix, Adam has made the trip over as the only non-British representative, and will be looking to fly the flag solo for the Dutch smash community. With a total of £480 up for grabs for the top 5 spots, the competition can be expected to be fierce. And let’s not forget the 30 teams competing in doubles, all looking to make a name for themselves as the doubles division across the country begins to heat up. With the additional amateur bracket, players of all levels have something to aim for.

LoM Predicitions – JJLinyard vs Professor Pro
Now as all you guys are probably now asking ‘but JJ, who should we be looking out for?’ I would like to present a new feature to my pre-tournament articles. Taking inspiration from BBC Sport’s ‘Lawro vs’ column (shout-outs to my Arsenal fans reading) I am going to be pitting my wits against some of the best and brightest members of the Smash community, to give you a prediction of the top 8 results to come from the upcoming tournament and the players you should be looking out for.
I and my opponents will give our prediction of which players will finish in the top 8. Each correct player in the top 8 will score 1 point. However a perfect placement will score 3 points. Finally we will predict the final score of the grand finals, with a correct prediction scoring a bonus 2 points. Feel free to play along at home also as I will provide the results in post tournament article (tweet me your predictions and the winner will get a mention in the article).

This week’s article features a current titan of the UK scene, VWS|Professor Pro.

Legend of Melee – Top 8 predictions
JJLinyard VWS|Professor Pro
1st VWS|Professor Pro (3-1) VWS|Professor Pro (3-0)
2nd VWS|Fuzzyness VWS|Fuzzyness
3rd Vanity Angel Vanity Angel
4th Adam Adam
5th Alpha Dash & Jin Deathgazer & Alpha Dash
7th Jolteon & Deathgazer Jolteon & Jin
Professor Pro vs C9|Mang0 at B.E.A.S.T.V earlier this year

VWS|Professor Pro – So far, for the most part, it’s been an electrifying start to the year for the professor. Beginning the year with a successful run at Beast V ending with a fifth place finish, he was hit with a minor hiccup with a less than satisfying performance at Apex 2015. However since then, Prof and his highly technical Fox have been on a rampage, finishing in first place at every event he’s entered since. This writer suggests the consensus amongst the UK community is that this form will continue, and as of now, there is no one with the ability to take Prof’s spot when he is playing on point.


VWS|Fuzzyness – The current reigning Melee champion of the UK has been somewhat distant from the community as a whole since taking the title back in August at HT3. After years at the top, it appears Fuzzy has been taking a much needed break from competing, opting to instead focus on streaming and speed running. With an unsatisfactory performance by his standards at Apex, it feels like the UK is waiting for his return. Always a force, it keeps him at a firm second place prediction in my books, but can he extinguish the Professor Pro fever currently running through the UK?

Vanity Angel – The methodical Peach player from Brighton comes in at a solid 3rd place prediction. As a definitive member of the 3 Kings of the UK Melee community over the years, this players has also seemed to drop off the radar as far as attendance is concerned. His only showing in 2015 was a very good run at Beast V, only to be knocked out in 9th by none other than Prof himself. But let’s not forget he did knock Prof out at HT3 back in August, maybe we could see Peach on the throne for the first time here in the UK?

Adam(left) vs Faab at JCVD1 in the Netherlands

Adam – Flying the flag alone for the Netherlands with his Falco, the 5th player in the Dutch rankings makes his way to London to try his luck against the UK talent pool. With recent placings of 4th and 3rd in his homeland, his consistency will be difficult for other players of the UK to deal with. Add the European pedigree he has, and surely a top 4 finish is a minimum for this player.


Alpha Dash – The number one Ice Climbers player is heading out the door of the Smash community at this moment in time. Having confessed that he has fallen out of love with the game ‘a bit’, he is looking to either quit or take some time out. This writer expects him to however put in a great performance at this event with his often tricky but consistent Ice Climbers. And with a great record over the members of the TESCO crew I can see Alpha Dash nicking a 5th place spot.
Heir|Jin – The UK’s current fastest rising player, the notorious troll has both the skill with the keyboard and the gamepad. The confident Fox player has continued his dominance of the Midland Smash scene following on from 2014, only falling short to traveling Londoners. With recent wins over Jolteon, even more has become expected of Jin and I’m sure the upward trend will continue at LoM.


Deathgazer – This highly technical Falco player has been on a mission as of late to pick up as much experience as possibly out in Europe. With good performances at Avalon VII, as well as on home soil at M.A.T.E II, most recently, it appears the predictions that Deathgazer would become a huge force are not too far off. However he will be looking to avoid a meeting with Alpha Dash and his Ice Climbers.
D2D|Jolteon – The UK’s number one Sheik has been on a slight downward spiral as of late. In the process of making the switch to Fox, he has recently fallen to JIn, not once, but twice. At this point some are questioning whether his unchallenged 4th spot in the UK is under threat. I would predict that it might very well be. With an underperforming Sheik and a Fox which may not be ready yet, this could prove to be the huge upset we are waiting for.

Other notable names to watch: BrTalrog, ShiftingShadows, J3ly, Unreal.

The event itself is shaping up to be an amazing one and I implore you to get involved in any way possible. If you cannot be there make sure to watch it live at selfdestructtv or follow me on twitter @JJLinyard, as I will be keeping you as up to date as possible.

Photographs taken by Seya. You’re very much encouraged to check out her Flickr page. .

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