Avalon VIII Preview

The Avalon tournament series has been the premier provider of Dutch Smash Bros. events since 2013. Attendance has been mostly on the rise since the first edition, going from roughly 90 entrants to a trend of easily hitting the venue cap of about 130 attendants. On April 4th, Avalon VIII will once again have both Dutch players and international guests battle it out in both Melee and Smash for Wii U (Smash 4).

Melee at Avalon VIII

The player with the best shot at the Melee gold is no doubt Ice from Germany, generally considered the #3 European competitor. It remains to be seen who will stand up to Ice, as Amsah, LLL.Jeapie, LLL.Remen and Zgetto have all recently proven capable of taking sets against other players within this top 4 of sorts. Amsah generally seems to perform best at large events with international attendance, going as far as beating Ice at Avalon VI last November. Of course, players like Adam, Faab, Dancingqueen, Däumling, Reaper and Sixx are always looking to make an upset and the entire top 8 will be hard-fought. It will be interesting to see how Däumling in particular will perform, as this is the first time he attends an Avalon and he has given the likes of Amsah a difficult time in previous encounters. The up to date Melee singles bracket can be found here and very few, if any, changes will be made from this point forward.

Jeapie, Zgetto, Remen and Amsah are ready to break the Ice
Adam & Zgetto are the favourite to win Melee teams, though they will face stiff competition from both Dutch and German teams. Amsah & Faab and Dancingqueen & Sixx in particular have a great track record as static teams and they pose a serious threat. The bracket can be viewed here.

Smash for Wii U at Avalon VIII

LLL.Mr-R has been absolutely dominant in Smash 4 ever since the game’s release. Coming off of a third place at APEX 2015 and the top spot at Cannes Winter Clash, it remains to be seen whether anyone can even take a game against the best Sheik in the world. Similarly to Melee, it is far from certain who will rise to grand finals. Gregs, iStudying, Marc and S1-14 have so far been mostly consistent with their top 5 placings, though not all top players have played each other and the game is still quite young. Considering past performances, S1-14 and iStudying have the best shot at making grand finals. Right on the top 5’s heels there are players like Badr (Diddy), Rog (Rosalina) and PikaForLife (Pikachu) to consider, making this another top 8 where nothing is set in stone. The bracket can be seen here.

Gregs, Marc, iStudying and S1-14 will strive to scar Mr-R
Smash 4 teams is also looking to be interesting. S1-14 & PikaForLife employ a formidable team healing strategy using their actual mains, Ness and Pikachu, and so far reign supreme over other static top teams like Gregs & iStudying, Mr-R & kaak and Dave & Thomau5. Besides these known heavy hitters, various other good players have joined forces, often for the first time. The bracket can be found here.

The Melee portion of Avalon VIII will once again be streamed by Salty Playground, while local recording will be employed for Smash 4. Catch the action live from 12 PM CEST onwards.

I’d like to thank the Avalon TOs, Marc and Remen, for their input and once again providing the brackets in advance.

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