Tournament Live Streams

Nearly every European major, international and national event is streamed these days on Below we’re providing an overview of high quality European streaming teams that provide the production for most international European events.

Our Twitch channel regularly hosts streaming channels of international and national events. You’re recommended to follow if you want to stay in the loop.

Geeky Goon Squad

Based in Germany, GeekyGoonSquad(GGs) quickly established itself as the highest quality European Smash stream. With an extensive supply of high quality resources at its disposal GGs has provided the production for nearly every European International and Major of the past years. Chances are high that if your looking to watch an ongoing European Major you will find it on their Twitch channel. The team also provides the FGC production for DreamHack Summer and Winter and has been accumulating professional involvement in European esports production over the past years.

active since: February 1st 2015
production credits: Dreamhack, HEIR, Awakening, BEAST, Eclipse, Syndicate, HFLAN and more
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Bring Your Own Controller

Based in The Netherlands, BringYourOwnController’s(BYOC) started a mission to develop European esports, particularly within the Smash Bros scene. While their resume mostly includes Dutch events they’ve provided streams for Melee and Smash 4 at Beast, Syndicate and Albion and will be providing the main stream at Tech Republic IV. They’ve also hosted their own events and sponsor various players. Since the launch of Smash Bros. Ultimate they stream a weekly online tournament called NetBattle Series.

active since: 19 September 2015
production credits: Beast 7, Syndicate, Albion 2 / 3, Elysium Series, Mission Complete and more
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What are tournament live streams?

Tournament live streams are live feeds of matches being played at tournaments. In its simplest form this is provided through a capture card hooked up to the console and a pc. This can be provided and managed by one person.

However with todays quality standards, production teams are usually responsible for providing, controlling and monitoring the feeds of international and national events. In addition to providing a feed of matches they design and setup the stage and operate the camera’s that allow the viewer at home to observe the players and crowd. They are also responsible for uploading video’s of the stream to YouTube. Live streaming is a full time job while the event is in progress, requires preparation prior to the event and archivation after the event concludes. Suitable equipment to stream an event properly is expensive.

Live streams regularly have commentators to guide viewers through the experience. For internationals these are often flown in if a local talent isn’t available. Several European commentators are regular faces on tournament live-streams and some have made appearances on streams in the States.

Thousands of viewers may tune in to a tournament live stream during a weekend. GGs’s stats page provides a good overview of the viewer count that European event streams have reached.

Live streams are hosted on a streaming service. The most popular of this is These services provide a chat for the home-audience to engage with the streamer and other viewers and various ways for the streamer to monetize their channel.

* More international streaming teams will be added as they develop similar resumes and quality.

** we haven’t included streaming teams yet that limit themselves to streaming within their own country. An approach to do so still needs to be identified.

*** we are still identifying an approach to list official country streams. However most can be found by visiting the country’s website on the local communities page

**** we haven’t included top player streams yet. An approach to do so still needs to be identified.