European Power Rankings

Below is an overview of European wide Power Rankings that have been released per game. These are panel based rankings and not to be confused with automated rankings like smashranking.eu. They will get updated as new ones are released.

Last Updated: 13-08-2019

Rank Melee Ultimate** Project M Smash 4 Smash 64**
1. Sweden Leffen France Poilu Netherlands Mr.R
2. Spain Trifasia France *Zen France Glutonny
3. Germany Ice United Kingdom Professor Pro United Kingdom Ixis
4. Netherlands Amsah Germany Fskin Germany cyve
5. United Kingdom Professor Pro Netherlands Ace Netherlands S1
6. Spain Overtriforce Austria Timi Germany quiK
7. United Kingdom Vanity Angel France Charby Germany Purple~H
8. Sweden Daydee Spain Trucker Hat France Griffith
9. Northern Ireland maXy France Smash_Falco3 United Kingdom MagiMagi
10. Norway Pricent Spain Overtriforce Netherlands iStudying  
released: August 2019 November 2018 June 2018  
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* an European ranking for Super Smash Bros. Brawl was never established, it has thus been omitted
** Smash Bros. Ultimate’s listings and Smash 64 will be added after the first PR has been released

What are Power Rankings?

Power Rankings(PRs) are panel based rankings formed by polling the votes of a selection of credible members within the community including, but not limited to, top players. Each panel member(panelist) is given a sheet in which they are to fill in their ranking of the current top players. Panelists are given instructions to inform themselves about the results of the players on the list so they can make informed decisions.

The final ranking is based on the majority of votes. It however depends per ranking how much a vote factors into the final ranking. The structure and size varies per ranking, European rankings have never gone over fifty+ players. Due to the effort required they usually occur yearly on European scale at best or when a high need is felt that the current rankings no longer represent recent placings. While not immune to bias, PRs have the benefit of striking an informed consensus and countering any inaccurate placings that result from mathematic comparisons. They are thus considered the best representation of the position of competitors within the current competitive scale.

Power Rankings are not to be confused with automated rankings like smashranking.eu. The latter, though no longer available, was derived algorithmically from a constantly updated results archive.

European Smash Circuit

The European Smash Circuit(ESC) was a joined effort by the SmashEurope team and Melee and Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament organizers to stimulate competition and travel to European events and draw more interest to European events from an international audience. The ESC spanned from May of 2015 till January of 2016. Each country that had the resources to do so provided one major international event that served as qualifier. Entrants earned points per qualifier that determined their position on the ranking.

At the final qualifier, Beast 6, the final ranking was published together with an reflection on how the ESC had faired. Top 3 in each game earned their share of the ESC prize pool which was made up of a share of the prize pool of each qualifier.

The ESC is currently inactive, no plans exist for a follow up among active TOs. The ESC section can still be viewed by clicking on the image below.