Yung Jaap hypes the States during first appearance

He might not have won the tournament but it’s safe to say LLL.Jeapie won the crowd at Super Nebulous 3 (SN3) in New York last weekend by the time he made top 8. While commentators Prog and HomeMadeWaffles debated whether to pronounce his name as Jaapie or Jeepie and eventually settled on Yung Jaap, his Falcon soared through the skies as he full-jump ledge cancelled aerials into Falcon kicks and, occasionally, even into a Falcon punch. A familiar sight for the European audience, but this marked the first time a US audience could witness the daring acrobatics in person.

Jeapie got to the States through a donation drive for SN3 which ran from March 30th to the 14th of April on Aside from Jeapie’s first appearance in the States, the tournament also brought in players like s2j, Lucky, Wizzrobe and n0ne, as well as housing the finale for The Melee Games (TMG), the first national inter-collegiate Smash championship. The drive eventually ended at $7.605, $605 over its original funding goal.

And thus LowLandLion’s favorite daredevil flew over early last week. He ran into some issues while travelling, but still arrived in time to attend two bi-weeklies in New York, Smash Bros University(SBU) and Rold Gold(RG). RG featured Kirbykaze, the best Canadian Sheik, and dizkidboogie, a wobbling Ice Climbers player. Though Sheik is generally considered a bad matchup for Falcon, Jeapie is known to fare well in the matchup, as he proved by nearly surviving the Sheik gauntlet at RoF3 last year. NTSC Sheiks, however, are considerably harder to fight, given the different send off angle of her downthrow and the difference in connecting weak knees, as he stated himself; not to mention the gentleman being harder to pull off consistently. He finished 3rd after losing to Kirbykaze and dizkidboogie in winners finals and losers finals respectively. At SBU, Jeapie finished 3rd also, with Kirbykaze taking 1st and Lucky ending up 2nd place. He appeared to have a lot of fun though, as he was often at the commentary desk taking questions from the US and European audience that tuned in.

SN3 lasted for two days with the first day focussing on teams, R1 of pools and the finale of TMG. Jeapie teamed with n0ne, a Falcon player from Canada. The double Falcon team didn’t perform up to expectations as they were unable to make bracket after losses to Zanguzen & JFlex and Squible & MIOM.Matdottzeb. He placed 2nd in his first singles pool after losing to Phish-it’s DK.

The day ended with an all-Falcon round robin which featured Hax, s2j, Wizzrobe, Batman(Lucky’s black Falcon), n0ne and, of course, Jeapie himself. While you’d expect a lot was on the line for him facing these top Falcons, he still chose to have fun primarily and to put on a show. He lost every set 2-0 besides a 2-1 win over Lucky. The first match he won, he ended with a raptor boost meteor in a typical Jeapie fashion. Though Wizzrobe won the round robin, Jeapie was widely considered the most entertaining Falcon in it, which to him is arguably more important.

Coming out of his first pool with a second seed, he would have his work cut out for him on the last day. He encountered Lucky, who he beat in the Falcon round robin as mentioned before, but this time he would have to face his main, Fox. Jeapie won all of his other matches but lost 2-0 to Lucky, leaving him with another 2nd seed going into the main bracket. In bracket he beat HomeMadeWaffles 1st round and then came across another Sheik, Swedish Delight. The matchup differences in NTSC appear to be hard to overcome in a short period of time as he seemed to struggle with them and lost 2-0 after being tech chased and gimped for the majority of the set. In losers he faced RaynEX in what would become the closest set for him at SN3. He won the first match on FoD, not exactly a popular stage for most Falcons, but he enjoys it due to the options shield drop up-airs provide him. Raynex answered back with a 2-stock on FoD, leaving Battlefield as the stage for the final battle. Jeapie looked a bit flustered at first, but eventually managed to close it out on the last stock with soft knee to up-air.

After RaynEX he faced Captain Smuckers, another Falcon player. First match was close, but it ended in a 2-0 victory for Jeapie and he moved on to fight Ralph, who got there by beating notables DJ Nintendo and MattDotZeb in winners. Ralph’s Falco was his last barrier to making top 8. Close matches, but in the end Jeapie moved on with a 2-0, popping off to celebrate making it into top 8 of a stacked tournament.


He was to face Wizzrobe next in his first Bo5, where his run would end. Wizzrobe started off with a dominating first game, Jeapie managed to bring it back mid game as he started to figure the match-up out, but a soft knee to back-air ended his last stock. He counterpicked to FoD where the match unfolded in a similar fashion. Jeapie was getting closer but couldn’t quite close it out and was looking to go down 3-0. He counterpicked back to FoD and while he started off with another 2 stock disadvantage due to an edgehog and SD, he looked more pumped up and started pushing more. After a spectacular combo, he took Wizzrobe’s 3rd stock, balancing the stock count to 1; Jeapie was all over him. After managing to push Wizzrobe off the stage, leading to an easy edgeguard, he went for the Falcon Punch instead; the crowd was shocked as he jumped up to face them.

Last game on FD, he started off with the lead for once and was looking to ride on last game’s momentum. Wizzrobe brought it back, however, when Jeapie went a bit too much for style: two sloppy recoveries left him with a 1 stock vs 3 deficit. He fired up as the commentators noticed and they were barely done talking about a second Punch or he managed to connect one after a reverse Falcon Kick knocked Wizzrobe off-stage. A bad recovery from Wizzrobe after what should have been an edgehog brought both players back to their last stocks. Everyone was ready for game 5 but Wizzrobe quickly got a deciding edgehog to take the set.

With 7th place, Jeapie didn’t look mad at all as he shook Wizzrobe’s hand and smiled, commended him for the set then got up and bowed to the crowd as they started a Jeapie chant. He enjoyed his time and had brought what was donated for: hype. During the tournament s2j, runner-up at SN3, dubbed him the real people’s champ and the coolest Falcon around.

Jeapie remains in the States till the 4th of May and will compete in one more tournament, Blue Fish, after which he will head back to Europe to compete in HFLAN: Melee edition, the first qualifier in the recently announced European Smash Circuit(ESC). A development he should be happy with, as he mentioned on commentary, that a key difference in competitive attitude between the European and US players is their motivation to win. As Europe looks to get more serious, this attitude is bound to change.

The Entertainer solutes before his set vs Wizzrobe

Photographs taken by Phil Nolan, Super Nebulous banner by Tucker Prisco and modified by myself. Thanks to LLL.Remen for help with the article

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  • slednyc says:

    Jeapie closest set of the day was with
    homemade waffles.

    It was game 3 last stock. And game to a crazy FSmash gave him the victory. Then in game 3 a missed edguard by waffle, turned into a falcon kick that led into a combo and waffles lost.

    He beat waffle round 1 of the final bracket

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