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Over the past years, the Smash Bros. series has gained a lot of momentum through its inclusion at several large FGC events in the US, the Melee documentary and the release of a new installment. The (renewed) global interest has also impacted the European scene, though the local scenes thriving is still hard to convert to a unified continent, not in the last place because of language barriers and significant travel expenses. Several key members of the European Smash community have sought to remedy this, and this portal is hopefully the first initiative of many.

While there are strong local scenes in many European countries with their own websites and social media platforms, there has always been a clear need for a central hub. Through this website we intend to not only make information more accessible to those unfamiliar with the European smash community, but also keep veteran enthusiasts up to date with noteworthy developments. Furthermore, we want to work towards a more unified European community capable of running high quality events through effective and efficient international cooperation.

As this is (currently) a non-profit volunteer effort, we need all the help we can get. Throughout the years, many European smashers have expressed their desire to actively help grow the scene and promote their local activities. This website can serve as a platform of sorts for any articles that are related to European Smash, be it tournament coverage or writings with a broader perspective. Furthermore, we seek to include media content as much as possible (pictures, videos etc.). If you are willing to help out on a consistent basis or want something in particular covered, let us know through the contact form! We strive to include any European region and all Smash games.

We hope you enjoy SmashEurope and are interested in any feedback you might have. Spread the word using the #smash_europe tag on Twitter, follow us on Twitter and like us on our Facebook Page. We will get back to you soon with more exciting updates!


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