Heart of Gold 1 in review

Photograph taken by MISTRRLOVE

Heart of Gold 1 was held last weekend (20th-22nd of February) at the LBS Gymnasium in central Lund, Sweden. With a turnout of about 72 players for Melee singles, Melee doubles and Smash for Wii U singles, the tournament was a success for first-time head TO Gin and co-hosts Flab and Tonic. The venue consisted of seven distinct rooms, as well as a kitchen. You can see it for yourself in a walking tour of the venue, filmed by Liva. All streaming was handled by GeekyGoonSquad and it marked the first tournament for their new channel. Throughout most streamed matches this weekend a wide array of commentators lent us their insights. The tried and tested performed well as usual and a lot of newcomers managed to add their own flavor to the stream.

Smash for Wii U singles was played out on Friday evening, with 22 contestants duking it out. The final triumph went to SmashSK and his Zero Suit Samus. He has dominated the Swedish Brawl scene for years and now has put his teeth in Smash 4. The runner-up, Eagle, tried his best, but his male Robin wasn’t man enough to steal the win. A very notable third place went to Poopmaister6000. A tip for all future TOs is to ask for both the HDMI and Scart-cables for Wii U when requesting setups from the attending players. There wasn’t necessarily a shortage of setups at Heart of Gold, but we had too few HDMI-compatible TVs compared to the amount of setups.

The doubles tournament in Melee took place during Saturday afternoon. The bracket was played up until top 4 and then delayed until only eight players remained in the singles bracket, in order to benefit the stream and keep the hype. No less than 23 teams entered, with the APEX 2015 doubles runner-up Android, teaming with IrregularJinny, anticipated to win. Under the team name Rockman & Forte, they found themselves in WFs, notably beating the Danish team Lille Ko, consisting of Eagle and Stelzig. Two Gangsters, consisting of Random-ness and Zoler, narrowly beat the most threatening German team, pheX and Stivo. The two Swedes primarily played as double Fox, which seems to be a common team setup in the current metagame. In WFs, Two Gangsters beat Rockman & Forte 3-0, which came as a huge surprise to most of the attending players and viewers of the stream. There was a team residing in the loser’s bracket that wasn’t happy with their situation and decided to overcome it. How? By not losing. Lille Ko, which in Danish means “small cow”, had stepped up their game a lot and they managed to beat Irregular Jinny and Android 3-2 in the rematch for a place in grand finals. The Danes were also ready for the strong Foxes and thus beat them 3-0 in the first set. Two Gangsters were furious, burning with hate and anger. They changed their strategy and had Random-ness instead choose Marth, who is commonly regarded as a lesser character for teams play, but not in this case. The second set ended 3-0 in Two Gangsters’ favour.

Shortly after Melee Doubles had ended, the main event was in full swing. Melee singles began, as usual, with pool play. Because this was a small scale tournament, we had time to play round robin pools. This allows the new smashers to play more tournament matches, which gives them the necessary experience to get better. No major upsets occurred in the pools, although the last two pools had their highest seeded players come in second. This was not too surprising, considering those top seeds were more even.

Timewise, the bracket went along very well. The top 8 players were Android, Phex, Zoler and Eagle in the winner’s bracket and VJ, King Funk, Jerk and MISTRRLOVE in the loser’s bracket. Android, who has practiced the Sheik-Peach matchup a lot with Armada, sent Phex into loser’s first. Zoler’s Fox lost to Eagle’s Doctor Mario 2-3 and he vowed revenge. King Funk had his flaming red Falco ready for my Yoshi and won 3-0. Mistrrlove’s turnip-pulling lady managed to beat Jerk’s missile-shooting lady 3-1. Zoler took out King Funk with a straight 3-0, who with his dying breath leaned towards his countryman Eagle and asked for avengeance. Eagle said “OK, sure.”. The two German Peaches MISTRRLOVE and pheX unfortunately had to face each other after traveling so far, which ended with pheX’ victory by 3-1. Zoler then managed to eliminate pheX 3-2 and keep the top 3 Scandinavian. Considering how pleasant and embracing the atmosphere in the stream room was, that fact seemed to be pretty much meaningless. In winner’s finals the remaining Dane, Eagle, got off to a good start by taking the first match. Android picked up the tempo and then simply took three in a row, making the score 3-1. Android moved on to grand finals were he would have to wait for either Zoler or Eagle. Zoler gave it his best, but Eagle’s ledge play turned out to overpower him in the end. Zoler did not manage to get his revenge, but King Funk, actually alive and kicking, was happy with Eagle’s win.

The grand finals were entertaining to watch, but they were not at all even. Android’s pace was just too much for Eagle, resulting in a 3-0 win. Android had clearly earned it.

Many would think that this is the end of the tournament play, but this is not how it ends here. The Melee singles amateur bracket included all players who did not make it into the regular bracket. Naturally, since the main event had ended and this was played on Sunday afternoon, a lot of players did not show, but it still turned out well. Our favorite TO, Mr. Lolex himself, took first place, followed by his sister Gamba and the Spanish exchange student Mr. Tom taking third.

After an awesome weekend most of us are satisfied. This is the first time in quite a while that Germans have attended such a small Swedish tournament. The Danes are almost always attending (we can barely get rid of them!), but we’re always really thankful that they come. This smörgåsbord of nationalities made for a very unique sense of community that we definitely want to relive in the future, be it in Sweden, Denmark or Germany… or anywhere else.

The next Swedish event to look forward to is Beauty 10. Full results can be found on challonge.

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