Official SmashEurope Spring 2016 Melee Top 20 Ranking: Introduction and 20-16

European Smash lacks an overall ranking like the MIOM top 100 list, which is a broad display of talent and incentive for players to do better. Although Smashranking.EU has improved a lot of its functionality, there are still several flaws in the (very fickle) ranking aspect of the website, making it unsuited for a precise ranking over a longer span of time.

We decided to have European players with extensive travel experience and a good understanding of the game rate a shortlist of their peers on their ability to be a (consistent) tournament threat, not unlike how the MIOM top 100 is voted on. For this first edition, we stuck to 20 European players as voted by Europeans only.

Since August, Europe has had 4 Melee events with more than 200 players entering singles. Although two of these were in Sweden, it seems reasonable to assume that anyone looking to prove themselves has performed in at least one of them. To be considered for the shortlist, players needed to have at least one of the following placements:

  • Top 24 at Heir II the Throne (out of 368)
  • Top 16 at Helix (out of 208)
  • Top 32 at DH Winter 2015 (out of 354)
  • Top 32 at BEAST 6 (out of 410)

This lead to a shortlist of 43 players. The list excluded some notable names like Cyr, Remen and IVP, who either entered mainly local events or very few at all over the past nine months or so. Although they and similar players would have been contenders for the top 20, they are too difficult to rate and we wish to both encourage and reward international activity.

We appointed representatives for each country to gather votes, keeping in mind that we like our voters to know both the game and the international scene well. We ended up with the following list of 26 voters:

Adam, Alpha Dash, Android, Askeflink, Baxon, Beat, bËst, BrTarolg, Däumling, Ice, Jeapie, King Funk, kiw1, Mahie, MISTRRLOVE, Norm (Baron Brody), Overtriforce, Phex, Professor Pro, R23, Tekk, Timi, Usleon, Zgetto, Zoler and Zorc.

We asked some additional people, but these were the ones who got back to us before the deadline. We wish to thank all of them for their time and effort.

Voters were allowed to rate both themselves and their countrymen if they happened to be on the list. We corrected for outliers when taking the average rating.

Time to get into the actual ranking! We’ll be revealing 5 players per day until we make it to the top 5, starting with numbers 20 to 16 on the next page.

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