Official SmashEurope Spring 2016 Melee Top 20 Ranking: 5th place


Amsah entered the scene in 2005 and became the best player in The Netherlands within a year using his trademark green Sheik. It didn’t take him much longer to establish himself as the best player in Europe, unofficially taking the crown by double eliminating EK at The Renaissance of Smash 3 in Sweden in the summer of 2006. He dominated Europe for several years, and in 2008 outplaced Armada and Captain Jack to take first place at Epita Smash Arena 2, the biggest tournament in Europe at the time.

Although he attended Pound 4 and got an impressive third place by eliminating players like Armada, Jman and Zhu, he gradually lost his edge over the years as Armada became the best player in Europe. Since his disappointing 33rd place at Apex 2012 Melee seemed to have become a low priority for Amsah, resulting in almost no tournament appearances outside of The Netherlands.

Fortunately most smashers never completely retire, and 2015 marked Amsah’s return to deliberate Melee practice. The results so far have been somewhat mixed. Although Amsah is and always has been a model of consistency within his region, with only the occasional loss against Zgetto, Jeapie or Adam, international players have been giving the veteran a much harder time. Impressive wins over Ice and Professor Pro are contrasted by losses against Tekk, Trifasia and Amsah’s personal kryptonite Däumling. Amsah’s problems with unfamiliar match-ups were further highlighted by the few American players that he faced in bracket in the last twelve months: he failed to take a game off both Nintendude’s Ice Climbers and MacD’s Peach, and recently had a nail-bitingly close set with ESAM’s Samus at BEAST 6.

That being said, Amsah has not placed outside of the top 8 at any European tournament in the last eighteen months with the exception of DreamHack Winter, still making his overall record very solid. Notable placings include 2nd at HFLAN in France, 5th at DreamHack London, 1st at Avalon M-II and 7th at BEAST 6.

Although he is no longer the powerhouse that he was in 2008, Amsah remains a threat to almost any player, and with newfound motivation his results are expected to be even better in 2016. Because of a donation drive he recently got the chance to compete at Pound 2016, although he didn’t make it out of round two pools after losing to Redd and Zhu.

Overview of results
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rank rating
5 8,42
HFLAN Melee Edition DH London DH Winter BEAST 6 Pound 2016
2 5 17 7 33
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This ranking was a SmashEurope-wide effort spearheaded by Marc, who managed the project and wrote the majority of the player profiles. Additional profiles were written by Rutger and editing was done by Remen. Cas aided in setting up the form and processing the results, while Joeri took care of layout and images. Source photographs used were shot by Seya, Stephanie Lindgren, José Luis Espinosa Parra and Michael Hathaway. We wish to thank the various community leaders who gathered votes and encouraged the panelists and, finally, Tafokints for his input and setting an example with SSBMRank.

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