Official SmashEurope Spring 2016 Melee Top 20 Ranking: 4th place


Although he has been around since at least 2007 and fairly quickly became a top 3 player in the, traditionally isolated, UK, Professor Pro arguably hit his stride with Project M in 2014. His prowess with Snake in the Melee-based mod of Brawl earned him several grand finals and opportunities to attend large events worldwide. It was around this time that “Prof” heavily leveled up in Melee as well, establishing himself as the best UK player and eventually acquiring a sponsorship with VwS Gaming.

It took some lackluster American performances, with APEX 2015 as an all-time low, before Prof started taking big Melee names Stateside. At Paragon LA 2015 he defeated Hungrybox, which remains his biggest win to this day. He is also very well-versed in the Ice Climbers matchup and has defeated Wobbles, Fly Amanita and Nintendude, the latter on several occasions.

Notable recent European wins include Amsah at DreamHack Winter, Overtriforce at Heart of Melee 30, Tekk at Kickstart 3, Android at Gaston and Leffen at Kickstart 7. The last win is somewhat surprising, especially since Prof has been known to struggle in the Fox ditto against players like Zgetto. Though it happened at a small event which Prof ended up not taking, Leffen did acknowledge he will have to take European tournaments more seriously.

With his 5th place at BEAST 6 and frequent American appearances, Professor Pro is well on his way to firmly establishing himself as the fourth best European player. The 2015 SSBMRank already acknowledged him as such and in this list he also finds himself edging out the competition, at least in the eyes of his peers.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
VwS Gaming Fox
rank rating
4 8,79
Paragon 2015
Los Angeles
DH London DH Winter BEAST 6 Pound 2016
9 9 17 5 9
   @VwS_Professor    professorpro
   ranking process explained
   rank 5 rank 3    

This ranking was a SmashEurope-wide effort spearheaded by Marc, who managed the project and wrote the majority of the player profiles. Additional profiles were written by Rutger and editing was done by Remen. Cas aided in setting up the form and processing the results, while Joeri took care of layout and images. Source photographs used were shot by Seya, Stephanie Lindgren, José Luis Espinosa Parra and Michael Hathaway. We wish to thank the various community leaders who gathered votes and encouraged the panelists and, finally, Tafokints for his input and setting an example with SSBMRank.

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