Official SmashEurope Spring 2016 Melee Top 20 Ranking: 2nd place


With a strong focus on fundamentals and both technical and efficient play, Leffen became good at Melee in a relatively short amount of time. Initially getting into the scene as a Brawl player in 2009, he started entering Melee tournaments in 2010 and quickly ended up making a full transition. Within his first years of playing he found himself placing in single digits and made it out to various American nationals.

From 2013 and onwards, he would typically only lose to Armada on European soil and even won various events with his countryman in attendance. To this day, he has maintained a close record against the best player in the world. His intercontinental breakout performance was no doubt APEX 2014, where he defeated Hungrybox and ended up in fourth place. He followed this up with major European wins at events such as BEAST 4, Republic of Fighters 3 and BEAST 5.

At APEX 2015 Leffen settled the question of belonging with the, until then, established top 5 of Melee by defeating Mew2King. To this day he remains the only player to have beaten all five of these “Gods”, who generally only took losses to each other for a considerable amount of time. Although he had a bit of a low period after, by the summer of 2015 he was in contention for the title of best player in the world through winning three American nationals in a row. He couldn’t quite seal the deal at EVO that year, where he took 5th.

The second half of 2015 was unfortunately characterized by visa issues, preventing Leffen from competing in several major events. With a disappointing 9th place at DreamHack Winter, it will be interesting to see how he fares overseas once his situation is resolved. His position as the second best player in Europe has not been put into question, however; he maintains a convincing record against all European players and took a set against Armada as recently as February 2016, at BEAST 6.

Overview of results
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Red Bull eSports, Team Solo Mid Fox
rank rating
2 9,83
Evo 2015 Paragon Los Angeles 2015 HTC Throwdown DH Winter BEAST 6
5 5 1 9 2
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This ranking was a SmashEurope-wide effort spearheaded by Marc, who managed the project and wrote the majority of the player profiles. Additional profiles were written by Rutger and editing was done by Remen. Cas aided in setting up the form and processing the results, while Joeri took care of layout and images. Source photographs used were shot by Seya, Stephanie Lindgren, José Luis Espinosa Parra and Michael Hathaway. We wish to thank the various community leaders who gathered votes and encouraged the panelists and, finally, Tafokints for his input and setting an example with SSBMRank.

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