Official SmashEurope Spring 2016 Melee Top 20 Ranking: 15-11


Jeapie, also known as “The Entertainer”, started playing Melee competitively in 2006, although he didn’t attend his first tournament until 2008. Initially a casual Marth main, it didn’t take Jeapie long to make the switch to Captain Falcon, who has been his main ever since. For the last five years he has consistently been the best Captain Falcon in The Netherlands and has cemented himself as the third best player in his region right behind Amsah and Zgetto.

Jeapie is arguably the best Captain Falcon player in Europe, although his recent wish to money match Fuzzyness for the title has not yet been granted. Besides multiple wins against the aforementioned Amsah and Zgetto, Jeapie’s notable wins in the last twelve months include Professor Pro at Avalon M-II, reaper at SBT4 and Salepate at Avalon M.

Furthermore, Jeapie managed to bring both Nintendude’s Ice Climbers and Armada’s Sheik to “last game last hit” situations at Avalon IX and Heir II the Throne respectively, although he did not manage to clutch out the win. Also noteworthy was Jeapie’s first American tournament, Super Nebulous 3 in April 2015, where he outplaced well known international players like The Moon, n0ne and Zhu and won the crowd by landing a Falcon Punch on Wizzrobe.

Jeapie’s DreamHack winter campaign however was slightly disappointing, losing to Mayhem and Mahie for a 25th place. With all this in mind the voters rewarded Jeapie with a solid 15th place on this list. With a penchant for choosing stylish options over efficient ones Jeapie may not be the most likely candidate to challenge the European top 10 in 2016, but with a little less swag and a little more consistency, he can certainly go far.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
LowLandLions C.Falcon
rank rating
15 7,48
BEAST 5 Super Nebulous 3 Blue Fish Heir II The Throne DH Winter
9 7 3 13 25

Fuzzyness was considered the best player in the UK for several years and is still clearly top 2 in the country. Some of his early accomplishments include taking Armada to game 5 at BEAST 2 in the Falcon vs Peach matchup and placing 17th at EVO 2013. Like his countrymen, Fuzzyness is also a proficient Project M player, with a top 3 finish in that mod as recent as BEAST 6.

More of a Fox main in the past years, Fuzzyness still brings back his Captain Falcon from time to time, with whom he notably took two sets against Trifasia in 2014. Jeapie has expressed a desire to settle who is the best European Falcon main once and for all, something which has yet to happen.

Although 2015 started off with a somewhat disappointing 65th place at APEX 2015, Fuzzyness redeemed himself at some of the biggest European events: he took 4th at DrømmeLAN 4.5 with a win over Android, 13th at Heir II the Throne with a win over Beat and had a good showing at DreamHack Winter, where he beat Mayhem and Tekk for another top 16 finish.

Fuzzyness has been focusing a lot on speedrunning in the past years and holds the world record for several single player modes in Melee. It remains to be seen whether he will tackle Melee in 2016 with the same drive as before, but his recent performances suggest that he still has what it takes against high level competition.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
C.Falcon, Fox
rank rating
14 7,49
DrømmeLAN 4.5 HFLAN Melee Edition Heir II the Throne DH Winter BEAST 6
3 5 13 13 17
   @FuzzynessUK    fuzzyness

One of the more old school Swedish players, Calle W is to this day considered one of the best Falco mains in Europe and a threat to most European players.

An early highlight was XsMASH in December 2007, where he took first place over both Armada, who was on the rise, and EK, who was on his way out. He followed this up with a 5th place at Epita Smash Arena 2, the French 2008 tournament that would hold the record for biggest European smash tournament for almost 7 years.

In the years to follow Calle W would be one of few players to challenge Armada and continued to be a top player in Sweden. He also ended up developing a rivalry with another Lindgren brother; he is currently 16-17 in sets with Android, based on SmashRanking.EU.

Though strong locally, Calle W rarely travels outside of Scandinavia. It was disappointing then, that his attendance of APEX 2015 ended with an 81st place with losses to countryman Android and American Falcon main Gahtzu. He did redeem himself later that year with a win over Professor Pro at Gaston, 9th place at Eclipse and a top 32 finish at DreamHack Winter. Furthermore, he started 2016 with a respectable top 16 performance at BEAST 6, beating Adam and Android on his way.

Another player who does not seem as driven as before, time will tell whether Calle W can find the motivation to keep improving and travel out of country more. For now, he is ranked 13th on this list, which will hopefully serve as encouragement to take a shot at top 10.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
rank rating
13 7,508
Apex 2015 Gaston Eclipse DH Winter BEAST 6
81 5 9 25 13

Europe’s best Ice Climbers player, and the only Ice Climbers player in the European top 20, can be found at place 12 in this ranking. Däumling has been active as a competitor since 2008, but one could consider 2015 to be his breakthrough year after a number of impressive results. His play style has been described as ‘weird’ or even ‘random’ by some, but that same play style has allowed Däumling to gradually rise to the European top. Although edged out by reaper in this list, he has very recently earned himself the #2 spot on the German power rankings.

No discussion of Däumling’s results can be complete without mentioning the fact that he consistently performs well in one region in particular, even though it is not his own. That region would be The Netherlands, and Däumling has established himself as the bane of most Dutch top players (though he has so far avoided Jeapie’s Falcon and Marc’s Peach in singles brackets). In 2015 Däumling has defeated Amsah, Zgetto, Adam and Remen, and he maintains a positive record against all of them.

Däumling’s exceptional record against the Dutch can be partially attributed to a lack of match-up knowledge, since in The Netherlands most competitors are not particularly well versed in the Ice Climbers match-up. The significance of match-up knowledge in today’s metagame becomes clear when we look at some of Däumling’s results outside of The Netherlands, where he appears to be a bit more shaky. At Heir II the Throne – his only international tournament outside of The Netherlands since BEAST 5 – Däumling ended up placing 33rd, after disappointing losses to Swedish Samus player VJ and fellow countryman reaper. It was not the first nor the last time that Däumling lost to reaper, who maintains a 10-4 record over the Ice Climbers player.

Even more notable is Däumling’s negative 2-8 record against German Peach main Blaze, providing further evidence that the Peach vs. Ice Climbers match-up is still firmly dominated by the princess from the Mushroom Kingdom. However, Däumling had a strong showing at Helix, where he made top 8 and defeated players like peki, Zoler and Ares (a Peach main). Unfortunately the bracket gods did not favour Däumling that day, as he was eliminated by the two best Peach players on the continent: Armada and Trifasia.

Time will tell if Däumling’s successes are the result of a somewhat unorthodox style that players, particularly the Dutch, will adapt to over time. Since he often runs the risk of facing a high-level Peach player later on in the bracket, Däumling will need to do some adapting of his own as well. It is probably with this fact in mind that he has started using Fox occasionally, but since many competitors possess significant knowledge about the Fox match-up, Däumling has his work cut out for him.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
Ice Climbers
rank rating
12 7,5083
Heir II the Throne Helix Smash Brabant Tournamment 5 Avalon M-III DG Spring Clash
33 7 1 2 2
   @Daeumling23    daeumling

It took Europe’s best Marth player several years before rising to prominence and for a while he was better known for his solid Brawl Peach play. Over the past few years he has developed himself into a force to be reckoned with and now frequently travels to international events.

Although Germany has Ice firmly sitting at the top of the competition, reaper was until very recently considered the second best German smasher and has even taken a set from Ice at a major German event in the past year (How Dair You). On this list he still finds himself right above countryman Däumling, his biggest rival for his position.

Reaper made grand finals against Amsah at Avalon M, for which he had to beat Baxon and Tekk, twice. Other notable performances include wins over Professor Pro at DreamHack London, where he made top 8, and Zgetto at Avalon M-II. Despite not attending any American events last year, he made the SSBMRank at #77 for these achievements.

Reaper has a very creative punish game, something which Marth lends itself well to. With wins against both high level fastfaller and floaty mains, he is more well-rounded than the typical Marth main and usually sticks to his guns, though he has pulled out a pocket Peach against Däumling’s Ice Climbers before.

After closing out 2015 with an unfortunate 33rd place at DreamHack winter with 2-3 losses against MacD and Zgetto, reaper started 2016 with a top 16 placing at BEAST 6. At this event he took a game from WestBallz and eliminated Zoler before suffering another 2-3 loss against Zgetto.

Unfortunately, reaper has recently been forced to take a break from Smash tournaments due to leg surgery. We hope to see him back in action soon.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
Team Heir Marth
rank rating
11 7,75
Heir II the Throne DH London Helix DH Winter BEAST 6
25 7 5 33 13
   @EUreaper    eureaper
   Introduction and rank 20 to 16 rank 10 to 6    

This ranking was a SmashEurope-wide effort spearheaded by Marc, who managed the project and wrote the majority of the player profiles. Additional profiles were written by Rutger and editing was done by Remen. Cas aided in setting up the form and processing the results, while Joeri took care of layout and images. Source photographs used were shot by Seya, Stephanie Lindgren, José Luis Espinosa Parra and Michael Hathaway. We wish to thank the various community leaders who gathered votes and encouraged the panelists and, finally, Tafokints for his input and setting an example with SSBMRank.

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