Official SmashEurope Spring 2016 Melee Top 20 Ranking: 10-6


The third Lindgren to take up Melee after Armada and Aniolas, Android has left his own mark in both singles and teams. He is Armada’s current team partner of choice and together they have taken major doubles events in both Europe (BEAST 5, Heir II to the Throne) and the US (The Big House 5). These victories can definitely in part be attributed to Android’s keen sense of teams gameplay.

In singles Android leveled up significantly from 2012 onwards, claiming 7th place at BEAST 3, 4 and 5 while getting his first American tournament experiences. He is currently considered one of the three best Sheik mains in Europe next to Amsah and Overtriforce and the third best player in Sweden behind Armada and Leffen. Closing out the top 10 of this ranking, Android is well on his way up.

In 2015 Android had a particularly good run at Heir II the Throne, where he beat Baxon, Ice and Leffen (though the latter two were playing secondaries) before ending up in 4th place with losses to Tekk and Armada. Although the placing was lower, he had an arguably even better run at DreamHack Winter, where he beat Adam, S2J and Zgetto before taking 9th place, a placing he shared with Leffen, Ice and Axe.

Android’s consistent playstyle translates into his results in the sense that he has very few questionable losses. His 17th place at BEAST 6 with losses to Baxon and Calle W can be seen as a bit of a low, though Calle W has traditionally been a strong rival of his (Android is currently up 17-16 based on SmashRanking.EU). His American singles placings have not been the best, but there is an upward trend and he made top 32 at The Big House 5 with a win over KirbyKaze. It seems likely that 2016 will hold more opportunities to compete overseas.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
rank rating
10 7,95
Heir II the Throne DH London The Big House 5 DH Winter BEAST 6
4 7 25 9 17

Once a Mario Kart DS world champion, Zgetto converted to Melee in 2006 and within two years became one of the top players in The Netherlands. One of his most notable early placings is second at SMASH ATTACK in 2009, where he defeated Armada in winners finals (which makes him the last European player apart from Leffen to beat Armada in Europe). He attended Pound 4 in 2010 and placed 17th, losing to Jman and Zhu.

Not unlike Amsah, Zgetto’s attendance and motivation for improvement have increased in 2015, after being somewhat inactive throughout 2013 and 2014. Once considered the best Fox player in Europe, the self-proclaimed “original smoothest Fox” now faces stiff competition from the likes of Armada, Leffen, Ice and Professor Pro.

With recent losses against players like Android, reaper, Baxon and Beat, Zgetto can be said to be a little less consistent than Amsah, although his peaks are arguably higher than those of his countryman. At DreamHack Winter, after an early loss to the fairly unknown German Luigi player Blayd in winners, Zgetto eliminated Shloub, Humpe, reaper, Calle W and Professor Pro before finally falling to Android for a 13th place (the highest of any Dutchman).

Something Zgetto does share with Amsah is his tendency to lose in match-ups that are uncommon in The Netherlands, and the two have a number of the same losses. Recent examples of this trend include sobering 3-0 losses to Trifasia’s Peach and Tekk’s Jigglypuff, as well as multiple losses to Dutch ‘angstgegner’ Däumling, who he, like Amsah, has a negative head-to-head record with.

Learning match-ups like those mentioned above appears to be the way forward for Zgetto and the Dutch in general. He recently attended Pound 2016, but did not make it out of round two pools after losing to Captain Smuckers, despite a promising performance against Mang0 in the winners bracket.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
rank rating
9 8,16
BEAST 5 DH London DH Winter BEAST 6 Pound 2016
7 13 13 9 33

Another Melee player who entered the scene through Brawl, Tekk’s breakout international Melee performance was a 9th place at BEAST II in the summer of 2011. He went on to establish himself as one of the top French players, though to this day players like himself, Salepate and Baxon trade sets. On this ranking he was voted as the best French player by a considerable margin.

Tekk has a clear edge over his countrymen when it comes to international performances and a willingness to travel. In the past years he has been to various British and Dutch events and came close to being voted into the American Smash Summit event. He ended up going to Genesis 3, but unfortunately fell ill and was unable to compete. It remains to be seen how his take on Jigglypuff, which is more aggressive than the prevailing metagame established by Hungrybox, would fare in the US.

Some of Tekk’s major recent wins include French top players like Baxon, Salepate and Cyr and a stellar DreamHack London run where he beat reaper, Fauster, Android and Amsah. Like many other floaty mains Tekk seems to struggle against top Fox players like Ice, Leffen and Professor Pro, though he has beaten Zgetto at Avalon M in October 2015.

Tekk’s last major showing was DreamHack Winter. Despite an early win over Duck, who would go on to eliminate Leffen and make top 8, he ended up in 17th place with losses to Hungrybox and Fuzzyness.

As 2016 has yet to really start for him, we hope to soon see more of Tekk and his unconventional Puff play.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
Team SmashDownSouth Jigglypuff
rank rating
8 8,22
HFLAN Melee Edition Heir II The Throne DH London Avalon M DH Winter
4 3 4 3 17

The Spanish made their first big Melee splash at Epita Smash Arena 2 in 2008, a French event which held the record of biggest European Melee singles bracket until BEAST 5 in 2015. It was here that Overtriforce took doubles with his team partner and countryman Strawhat Dahean over combinations like Captain Jack & Masashi and Armada & Aniolas, utilizing a Puff team somewhat ahead of its time.

Despite being limited in travel opportunities, “Over” made it out to some of the biggest European and even American events throughout the years. Proving to the world that he is no slouch in singles, he 3-stocked Mew2King’s Marth at Pound 4 (January 2010) before losing two games to his Fox. Throughout the years, he would usually place in single digits in Europe, only dropping sets to established top players.

The past year has been somewhat quiet for Over, but he met expectations at everything he attended. He is still considered one of Europe’s top Sheik players alongside Amsah and Android. Due to his experience against countryman Trifasia, he is disproportionately good at the Peach matchup and even forced Armada to switch to Fox in their encounter at Helix (September 2015).

Other recent highlights for Over include a win over reaper at Helix, a win over Zgetto at DreamHack London and a win over Professor Pro at Heart of Melee 30. He also made the most out the UK series of Kickstart locals, beating Tekk at Kickstart 3, WestBallz at Kickstart 4, Android at Kickstart 5 and both Baxon and Abate at Kickstart 6. Over did have a somewhat disappointing DreamHack Winter, where he got 17th with losses to Wizzrobe and Ice. He was ranked 47th on the 2015 SSBMRank.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
rank rating
7 8,30
DH London Helix Eclipse DH Winter HFLAN 12
5 4 5 17 2
   @Overtriforce    overtriforce

The first of two Spanish powerhouses on this list, Trifasia wasn’t known outside his country until recent years. He started making regular international appearances from 2014 onwards, though he still isn’t as common a sight as many of the other players in this ranking. What we have seen however, were very solid performances.

A hallmark of consistency, “Trif” placed 5th at the last three major international events he attended: Heir II the Throne, Helix and BEAST 6. Locally he only drops sets to his country’s top Sheik mains Overtriforce and Strawhat Dahean.

Some of his notable recent wins include countryman Overtriforce, Armada (playing secondaries at Heir II), reaper (also at Heir II) and a great BEAST 6 run including wins over Zgetto, Amsah and a nailbiter 3-2 victory against Abate.

Trifasia plays Peach without any secondaries and his gameplay involves optimizations like the use of double jump canceling on platforms. Despite how much he pushes the character, he seems to hit a wall against the top Fox and Captain Falcon players: he has decisive losses against Ice, Leffen, WestBallz’ Falcon and, less recently, Fuzzyness.

Considering he is already a consistent top 8 performer at the biggest European events, it will be interesting to see how much further Trifasia can go. He has yet to appear at an American event, making it difficult to gauge how he stacks up against American Peach mains like MacD. There are also quite a few European top players left for him to square off against, but he has already earned the recognition of his peers, as demonstrated by his 6th place on this list.

With this placing Trif edges out his countryman Over, which is reflective of the most recent Spanish Power Rankings, where he is currently considered first.

Overview of results
sponsor main(s)
rank rating
6 8,41
Heir II The Throne Helix Revival of Madrid 1 Òssom Fights 2015 BEAST 6
5 5 2 2 5
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This ranking was a SmashEurope-wide effort spearheaded by Marc, who managed the project and wrote the majority of the player profiles. Additional profiles were written by Rutger and editing was done by Remen. Cas aided in setting up the form and processing the results, while Joeri took care of layout and images. Source photographs used were shot by Seya, Stephanie Lindgren, José Luis Espinosa Parra and Michael Hathaway. We wish to thank the various community leaders who gathered votes and encouraged the panelists and, finally, Tafokints for his input and setting an example with SSBMRank.

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