Official H.E.I.R European Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018: top 5

We’re concluding the H.E.I.R Melee Spring Ranking of 2018 today and a few names have still gone unannounced. Without further ado, let’s take a moment to honour the placement of the top five European Melee players of this edition!

What is the H.E.I.R Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018?
Since the closure of Smashranking.EU there has been an absence of any formal European wide ranking system. Team Heir, in collaboration with Smash Europe, have decided to implement a new sixth monthly European PR – the H.E.I.R rankings. The rankings used a similar method as the North American MIOM rankings and is designed to be the European equivalent moving forward in time. The main difference is that unlike the MIOM rankings the H.E.I.R rankings are top 50 only. For more information about the criteria see the ranking’s introduction.

written by: Jamie ‘Jam’ Jahanpour photo credit: Hypest Team

It was 2006 that the active and fast rising Sheik main, Amsah, followed The_Doug, Remen and Ek to become Europe’s fourth player to attain the no.1 rank in the continent.
Twelve years later, Melee now a different beast all together, we are still admiring his prowess as being among the best players in Europe and the world.

Recognised by the MIOM/Red Bull SSBMRank 2017 as the 39th best player on Earth, Asterion Amsah had impressive results in America and showed great consistency at home, always placing within the top 8 of every event he attended and keeping all but a handful of competitors comfortably at arm’s length.

So comfortable in fact that within the allotted time frame, aside from Team Heir | VA (1-1), Amsah held a persistently dominant positive record over everyone outside of Europe’s top 4.

This standard was set for the year as early as February at BEAST 7.
After a loss to RB TSM | Leffen, Amsah overcame Baxon 3-1, vL | Overtriforce 3-2, Professor Pro 3-1 and [A]ndroid 3-0 all in succession before falling to MSF | La Luna.
Summer saw similarly strong performances with a 3rd place finish at DreamHack Summer including an incredibly tense last match last stock 3-2 victory over vL | Trif in Winners Quarters and a 4th place finish at 2017’s biggest European Tournament, Heir 4.

End of year stats pay testament to Amsah’s consistency with dominating set records over contemporaries Professor Pro (4-1), vL | Overtriforce (4-1), [A]ndroid (4-0), Mahie (2-0), Zgetto (10-2) and Avalancer (4-0).

A long career with highlights that shook the landscape of Melee worldwide, ranked 1st in the Netherlands since 2007 and as active as ever before — it’s quite possible that even with such a strong and influential history, the best of Amsah is yet to come.

written by: Tristan ‘X1’ Bunyan photo credit: Seya

Mustafa “Ice” Akcakaya started 2017 with a commanding performance at BEAST 7 defeating Slox, Crush, DruggedFox and The Moon and attaining his well-accustomed place of 3rd, just behind Armada and Leffen. Many fans’ eyes were on him as votes from an EU-wide spirit bomb earned him his invitation to Smash Summit 2017 – The only European ever to have been voted in once, let alone for a second time

After a nail-biting 3-2 loss to Axe, Ice finished 9th at Smash Summit, and followed it up with a modest 13th place at GOML. Mustafa returned to America several times over the summer and, in what seems to be a persistent curse for him, failed to find a breakout performance despite stacking up wins over Colbol, Slox and Swedish Delight.

In Europe however Ice mainly stayed away from the tournament circuit, not attending a major from February until October where he was in for a rude awakening, losing in two sets to Trif at a German tournament. 2017 was a disappointing year of Smash for Ice, but don’t count the man out. Ice has spoken out on twitter about his plans for Smash in 2018 and has recently joined the prestigious Red Bull ESports. With a team behind him and a rival to keep him in check, you should expect great things from Ice in the coming year.

written by: Tristan ‘X1’ Bunyan photo credit: Hypest Team

Since breaking onto the international scene in 2015 Alvaro Garcia “Trifasia” Moral has been on a constant rise and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2016 he was jostling for position with Professor Pro and Amsah; this season his records against them are 7-1 and 5-2. The Spaniard is a bastion of consistency who continues to push the technical limits of his character, and the game itself.

For the past few years Trif has been in contention for the title of best solo Peach main in the world, and with his recent record his case is stronger than ever. In just one year Trif has not just left behind his European contemporaries, but pushed past the next hurdle and surpassed Ice, cracking open the trinity of foxes who dominated Europe in the post-documentary era.

In July 2017 Trifs Team Heir contract expired and Trif was immediately snapped up by Team Viral. Looking ahead to 2018 we can expect to see much more of the same. Depending on the outcome of his next sets against Ice, we could see the birth of a fierce new rivalry, or a whole new era for European Melee or something entirely new.

written by: Tristan ‘Reverb’ Jakobsen photo credit: Red Bull

Smash’s very own villain is the very essence of a clean fox. The personality and brutally honest playstyle of William “Leffen” Hjelte earned him the global title of Smash’s very own villain. But for Europe he’s more the anti-hero; rocking one of the absolute coolest styles of patient play in the world, he is what many fox players aspire to become.

Although stopped in his tracks while on a promising road to becoming number one in the world due to visa issues, he has returned to the competitive scene and has made waves once again, placing high at the majority of major tournaments with only a few fluke exceptions. In Europe, he has only lost sets to Armada when using his white-jacket Fox, even though some historically close calls have been in order against players like Overtriforce.

This has led to him often deciding to play secondary characters such as Marth or Mewtwo at European tournaments to challenge himself further. He usually saves his Fox for American tournaments or when facing the very top shelf of melee players and it’s rarely disappointing to watch. Leffen was ranked 6 globally during the 2017 Melee It On Me rankings, which is lower than hoped for, but nevertheless, no player in the world goes safe at tournaments where Leffen is in attendance.

written by: Tristan ‘Reverb’ Jakobsen photo credit:

The Swedish Sniper, The Beast, Adam Lindgren.

At the forefront of European Smash stands Alliances’ Adam “Armada” Lindgren. Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden his activity in European smash has mostly consisted of absolutely shredding through brackets and top 8s. Seemingly unchallenged by anyone on the continent except TSMs’ Leffen, Armada has chosen to invest the majority of his time traveling to America to exhibit his Peach & Fox, competing for the title of the best Melee player in the world.

While dominating the game globally for the greater part of 2015 and 2016, he lost the #1 spot to American Jigglypuff virtuoso Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma during 2017s Melee It On Me global rankings. Despite this, Armadas playstyle is almost artistic to watch. With one of the most calculated neutral games and an awe-inspiring, mathematical, and fantastic punish game he truly exhibits himself as a scientist in Super Smash Bros Melee. Armada seems to be able to trick even the sharpest minds, always knowing how to survive the coming hits and how to get that next aerial attack in his crazy long trademark combos. This amount of skill has left him without set losses to anyone in Europe except his Stockholm rival Leffen…and he’s dedicated to keeping it that way.

Armada brings us to the end of the H.E.I.R Spring 2018 Melee Power Ranking. Congratulations to every player that made it onto the list. Share your thoughts over social media using #HEIRSpringPR2018. Once more we would like you thank the following for helping make these rankings possible; Team Heir, Smash Europe, Dan Soup, the panellists, photographers (notably SHIP, Seya and Hypest Team), writers, Bloodbowler for editing and graphics by Hylian Reaper.
We hoped you enjoyed the ride and are looking forward to witnessing your performances at upcoming events like Awakening, Lighthouse and Heir 5 to name a few. The next rankings will be in September 2018 with Heir 5 being the finale for this ranking period.

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This ranking was an effort by Team Heir spearheaded by Kone. Graphics were created by Hylian Reaper. Joeri converted the content to the website. We wish to thank the various panelists and writers of the blurbs per player and Tafokints for setting an example with SSBMRank.


  • ME says:

    Hi there. I noticed a small grammatical error in the Armada section. It says ”and he’s dedicated to keep it that way.” it should say ”and he’s dedicated to keeping it that way.”
    Just thought I’d mention it!

    Great articles!

  • Trent says:

    Why is armada #1 when leffen has been placing better than him and beating him all year?

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