Official H.E.I.R European Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018: rank 40 to 31

Today we’re moving on with the H.E.I.R Melee Spring Ranking of 2018 by revealing rank 40 till 31!

What is the H.E.I.R Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018?
Since the closure of Smashranking.EU there has been an absence of any formal European wide ranking system. Team Heir, in collaboration with Smash Europe, have decided to implement a new sixth monthly European PR – the H.E.I.R rankings. The rankings used a similar method as the North American MIOM rankings and is designed to be the European equivalent moving forward in time. The main difference is that unlike the MIOM rankings the H.E.I.R rankings are top 50 only. For more information about the criteria see the ranking’s introduction.

written by: Harvey ‘BANG!’ Carman photo credit: SHIP, Heir 4

Some Peaches are campy. Some are precise and calculating. Blazes’ Peach is a little different. Blazes’ Peach is a ball of fire. Ranked 4th in Germany, Blaze is one of the premier Peach players on the European scene.
Despite her low speed, Blaze makes the most of his considerable movement skills to threaten space and take stage control. The result is that he is able to dominate the pace of his matches and even characters such as Falco or Fox can find themselves pushed into a corner. Combining this pressure with some phenomenal reads and a strong recovery game, it’s easy to see how Blaze is a formidable and exciting player.

Most people would say a 49th place finish at Heir 4 is an impressive achievement, but it obviously wasn’t good enough for Blaze, who has outright refused to place outside of top 8 in any tournament since: He took 7th place at Awakening 3 beating Fout NL and .tea, he netted 3rd place at Pixelpokal after burning through the bracket and defeating Däumling, Charon, and SchlimmShady losing only to Heir|reaper, and at Trophy Garden Blaze torched his 10-man pool without dropping a game and went on to beat Däumling and Charon for 5th place.

As we look to 2018 the bottom line is: If you play with Blaze, you’re probably gonna get burned.

written by: Chelsea “Chelly” Toms photo credit: Hypest Team

When thinking about the UKs Captain Falcons, red dragon Adam ‘Setchi’ Farmer has to be one of the first to come to mind. Setchi has channeled his ruthless attitude into his Captain Falcon, labbing his way into having an immaculate tech chase game with a merciless punish game to match. Meanwhile he has been significant in the ongoing discoveries of Falcons full potential in the game: with an intricate attention to detail and often compared to the great Wizzrobe, Setchi is considered one of the fastest rising up and comers in UK Melee this past year and has encouraged UK players to follow him on the path of improvement. He has made numerous videos and posts and is consistently helpful in pushing the overall information to a public platform. Welsh and proud Setchi throws himself into competition regularly, beating the likes of Zorc and Frenzy, and he is one of only three UK players outside of the Top 3 in the UK to take a set from Professor Pro in a few years. While successfully juggling his Maths studies alongside his practice Setchi has begun travelling out of country, taking out FatGoku in the United States at the prestigious Genesis 5 tournament, placing a respectable 65th. Closer to home he recently placed 3rd at Equinox Ember above the likes of Maxy, R23 and Vanity Angel. With a growing consistency that is winning him more games against fierce competition, he continues to not only dominate the Welsh scene but also to conquer his way up the UK ranks.

written by: Dominik ‘Nicki’ Kunze photo credit: Kellner

When playing against Kellner there will never be a single second where you feel like you’re safe: He’s fast, he’s technical and he will be in your face whenever possible. This calculated aggression netted him top 32 finishes at Heir 4, HFLAN 2017 and Syndicate 2017 by beating Frenzy, FA0, Jah Ridin’ and many more. His performances both at German tournaments as well as at international ones were solid and deserving of his placement on this list. In Winners Round 2 of Syndicate he almost pulled off the biggest upset European Smash has seen in a long time by going up 2-0 against ChuDat. However ChuDats top player mentality helped him step up his game when he needed it most, leading to a 3-2 loss for Kellner. While this set was a true heartbreaker it showed that Kellner has the potential to compete on the very highest level of play.

written by: Nicholas “TechNick” Fuhrmann photo credit: SHIP, Heir 4

Timothej “Timi” Patocka is one of the “hidden bosses” of Vienna, who can pull upsets at almost every tournament he enters. Although Timi mostly stuck to German and Austrian tourneys he is considered to be one of Europes most consistent Falco players.

With his defensive and controlling playstyle, he has a good awareness of how to position himself for success at any given moment. Unfortunately he hasn’t really shown his true potential at a European major yet. After beating SchlimmShady at Heir 4 he got double eliminated by Leffen and Jeapie and finished at 25th place.

Shifting his focus more and more towards doubles one of his best runs came at Heir 4 where he, together with his teammate gLory, beat Overtriforce and Trif to claim 5th place.

In 2018 Timi plans to focus more on Smash than ever before; we can only wait and see what his future has in store for him!

written by: Dennis ‘Mistrrlove’ Ferdinand photo credit: Hypest Team

The Austrian Powerhouse Pasi is one of the most old school players who is still somewhat active these days. His talent was obvious from his first tournament in 2006 and he hasn’t fallen from grace since. The few tournaments he attended were in his two places of residence which are Hamburg and The Netherlands respectively and even though he doesn’t travel much these days he managed to earn impressive wins like reaper, Blaze, R23, and Zgetto.

Despite his lack of practice he is still a heavy hitter for the European scene and a scary opponent for any competitor. The smart, dash dance heavy Fox makes up for his lack of speed and maneuverability with well thought out decisions, which he uses to make you play at his pace; s trait shared by most of the old school players but rarely is it pulled off as effectively as it is by Pasi.

written by: Chelsea “Chelly” Toms

Flashy Falco Elliot ‘Frenzy’ Grossman remains a dynamic powerhouse in the UK Melee rankings. Known for his technical play, Frenzy offers a Westballz-esque style and delivers it to the many regions as he’s been bouncing all over; England, Sweden, France, Denmark, Germany, and even America this year placing an exceptional 65th at Genesis beating HomeMadeWaffles. His attendance has been relentless for regional tournaments within the UK and he’s shown us that 2017 has been an impactful year for him by placing exceptionally well: He started the year with Smashbox 2 in February placing 9th, Beast 7 in the same month placing 33rd and HFLAN in April placing 9th.

There was a slight decline in attendance for Frenzy due to exams, attending much smaller tournaments instead while he studied. He returned strong after his exams at Heir 4 in August placing 33rd, and finishing off the year with October tournaments RAID and Awakening placing 4th and 9th respectively. These placements were not easy but he began adding a roster of players to his triumph list such as Daumling, Overtriforce, NMW and Spud along the way. 2018 looks to be much the same in terms of success; aside from Genesis, Frenzy also attended Valhalla in Denmark held in January and taking 17th place. Frenzys smart and collected approach to the game mixed in with a marvellous creativity and bold, disrespectful playstyle sets him up to climb the ranks higher as time ticks on.

written by: Nicholas “TechNick” Fuhrmann photo credit: Hypest Team

Being one of the most old school players in Europe, Akim “Makenshi” Nechiche still is a force to be reckoned with. Getting into competitive melee as early as 2004 Makenshi has proven again and again that he has the potential to rise to the pinnacle of the European Smash scene.

But 2017 had been a quiet year for the French Marth: he only attended HFLAN where he finished at 9th place together with Mahie. Nevertheless having wins over Zorc and Prinz definitely justifies his ranking.

As he is focusing more and more on his acting career, he unfortunately doesn’t really have the time and energy to put more effort into his gameplay which makes it hard for him to keep up with newer technology. By focusing a lot on positioning and having a good read on microsituations his playstyle seems oppressive to his opponents. Hopefully we will get to see some more of this Marth in the future.

written by: Max ‘Acid Fuccboi’ Lanéus photo credit: wiki

One of Sweden’s best and still active old schoolers, Christopher “Humpe” Falck shows his prowess by consistently getting high placings throughout his career and looking damn good while doing it. Starting out in 2006 Humpe has solidified himself as one of the the absolute best Falco mains in Europe alongside his teams partner Calle W.

But Super Smash Brothers Melee is not the only children’s game he has mastered; He has been the world record holder in speedruns of both Snowboard Kids and Mission Impossible N64, showcasing the amount of hard work and dedication he puts into the games he plays.

With good results at Dreamhack Summer and Winter of 2017, placing 7th and 9th respectively, he always seems to be a contender for top 8 at the tournaments he attends. Yet an uncharacteristic 25th place finish at Valhalla and a glaring weakness in the Ice Climbers matchup indicates some cracks in the armor of this vintage player.

What the future holds for Humpe is hard to tell. Will he rise to the challenge these new players pose?

written by: Nicholas “TechNick” Fuhrmann

Whilst being relatively unknown in most parts of Europe, close followers of the German Melee scene will always expect a high placing from Patrick “Prinz” Kraus when he registers for any tournament. Originally coming from the Brawl scene, where he used to be a Top 3 player in Germany, he finally switched to Melee in 2012. He then began to quickly make a name for himself as probably the best Jigglypuff main in Germany. Being creative in his playstyle he can quickly find openings in his opponents defense. Playing this read and rest heavy style makes his Puff entertaining to watch.

Unfortunately Prinz only attended HFLAN in 2017, where he managed to beat SchlimmShady and Zgetto for a 13th place finish, losing to Adam and Makenshi in a nail-biter.

written by: Max ‘Acid Fuccboi’ Lanéus

Coming out of the snowy forests of Finland, Levingy has taken the tournaments he attended by storm, tearing his way through the brackets and collecting wins over big names such as Jeapie, Eagle and Android with his precise Falco.

To a newer audience this might seem like very impressive upsets from a relatively unknown player, but more experienced Melee enthusiasts might recognize him as the (now former) Marth main, Neutroni.

After his comeback as a Falco main in 2016 he’s been getting very notable placings: 9th at both Syndicate 2017 and Azension II, 13th at both Dreamhack Summer and Winter, and finally a 25th at Heir 4. With a Falco that seems to have an endless supply of old-school mind games, one might assume that Levingy carries his new main by his experience as a player. Yet, his polished punish game speaks for the amount of time and work he has put into the lab to be able to get this bird up to speed.

Getting into the top 50 was not the biggest challenge for Levingy, but will he be able to keep up the momentum and continue climbing up Europes’ Smash totem-pole? 2018 will be the time to shine for this player from the high north!

Phew 10 more down. Congratulations to every player that made it onto the list thus far. We will reveal the next 10 tomorrow. Share your speculations over social media using #HEIRSpringPR2018.

Introduction and rank 50 to 41 rank 30 to 21   

This ranking was an effort by Team Heir spearheaded by Kone. Graphics were created by Hylian Reaper. Joeri converted the content to the website. We wish to thank the various panelists and writers of the blurbs per player and Tafokints for setting an example with SSBMRank.

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