Official H.E.I.R European Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018: rank 30 to 21

We’re closing in on the top 20 but first it’s time to reveal rank 30 till 21 of the H.E.I.R Melee Spring Ranking of 2018!

What is the H.E.I.R Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018?
Since the closure of Smashranking.EU there has been an absence of any formal European wide ranking system. Team Heir, in collaboration with Smash Europe, have decided to implement a new sixth monthly European PR – the H.E.I.R rankings. The rankings used a similar method as the North American MIOM rankings and is designed to be the European equivalent moving forward in time. The main difference is that unlike the MIOM rankings the H.E.I.R rankings are top 50 only. For more information about the criteria see the ranking’s introduction.

written by: Tristan ‘Reverb’ Jakobsen

Probably the youngest player on the entire ranking, 16-year old Fox artist Tommy “Pricent” Erstadt Lindås has been climbing up the rankings quicker than most in the cold, harsh north. Showing prowess against Norways’ Zorc and Sverre, he’s clearly among the best players in the country and rarely drops games to any others. His greatest performances lie in the Nordic netplay tournaments, where he has beaten top players such as Daydee several times. His offline tournament results have been impressive also, sporting wins against players such as Eagle, a winning record against fellow Norway native Sverre and a solid win against Gothenburg Fox main Zoler at Valhalla. This young man isn’t nearly done with his Melee career and climb to the top of Europe’s rankings.

Considering the fact that the only thing that holds this up-and-comer back is the fact that he’s still in school and cannot afford to travel too much, just wait a year or two until he can and see him rise through the ladder of European melee.

written by: Tristan ‘Reverb’ Jakobsen photo credit: youtube screen grab

Robin “Fa0” Castlin got his tag after the color-code that his Popos jacket exhibits. The number three player in Stockholm has started to make a name for himself in the European scene by taking sets off of players such as Overtriforce, JohnnyFight, Humpe and Daydee. Even taking Android to game 5 at Valhalla, where he finished at a respectable 9th place.

Famous for his calculated, advanced Ice Climbers play, his insights on wobbling setups are not to be trifled with. With a patient waiting game, optimized handoffs and extraordinary experience against floaty characters that historically beat the Climbers, he’s solidified himself as a threat across the continent.

written by: Harvey ‘BANG!’ Carman photo credit: Baxon__

When he agreed to a Bo7 money match at Smasher’s Reunion in 2012, PPMD didn’t expect Baxon would push him all the way to the last game. Leffen, always one to put things delicately, remarked “I don’t want anyone saying that this was free, ‘cos that’s just fucking wrong.”

To call Baxon an experienced player would do him a disservice. The 29 year old Falco main from Paris has been competing, and more importantly, performing in Melee for over 10 years. Of the 36 international tournaments he entered since 2007, Baxon has averaged a very respectable 11th place. This kind of consistency justifies Baxons current rank as number 5 in France, as well as his reputation as one of the very best Falco mains in Europe.

2016 was a good year for Baxon. At Heir 3, he lost only to Däumling and Armada. At Syndicate, he fell to Amsah 1-2 in winners, which was bad news for the losers bracket. Baxon ripped through Blaze, Mahie, and Jeapie, ultimately earning 7th place.

His 2017 was quiet by comparison. He placed 17th and 13th at B.E.A.S.T 7 and HFLAN respectively, but then DQ’d from Syndicate and Heir 4. With no international results yet in 2018, he’s a difficult player to seed right now. Is he busy grinding Melee in a hyperbolic time chamber, or is he chilling out to the latest Justice album? Perhaps we’ll find out in 2018.

written by: Nicholas “TechNick” Fuhrmann

Starting as a Brawl player in 2011, Sverre “Sverre” Vinje started to get into Melee in late 2014 with his twin brother. Now a few years later he has seen his hard work pay off in Norway where he is currently ranked 2nd.

But when it comes to international performance the Captain Falcon main seems to be cursed: Every European tournament he has entered in 2017 he has finished at 17th place. Although his placings at Heir 4 and Beast 7 included wins against Usleon, Blaze, and Daydee, his performance at Valhalla left a bitter taste. After losing in a nail-biter against Overtriforce, he then got eliminated by Mayhem, the currently ranked 1st player on the Finnish Power Rankings.

written by: Dominik ‘Nicki’ Kunze photo credit: Seya

While Däumling is no longer the only contender for being the best European Ice Climbers player, this is mostly due to other ICs stepping up their game instead of a decline in Däumlings’ skill. It is actually quite the opposite; Däumlings’ recent results have been extremely solid and he has shown no signs of slowing down. He started off strong in 2017 by scoring an amazing 17th place at Beast 7 by beating the likes of Alpha Dash, Random-Ness and K12 while the losses he suffered came from HomeMadeWaffles and Android. His first place at Awakening 2 is one of the best performances German Smashers have pulled off in recent times; after being sent into the losers’ bracket early he clawed his way through the ICs killers Kellner and Blaze and through Austrias top players Timi and gLory to win a 113 man tournament. Performances like this added onto his set wins over players like Jadde, Jeapie and Usleon are proof enough that Däumling is still a huge threat at any tournament and there’s no sign of him slowing down any time soon.

written by: Simon “Jens” Fissl photo credit: rodg_jahridin

While Switzerland is a country known for staying neutral Yann “Jah Ridin’” Girardin is a player known in international competition. With a rather slim scene in his own country this Luigi main has been looking to compete all over Europe for quite some time.

With his explosive neutral and impeccable combo game he has netted himself some impressive wins over names like Nicki, Kellner, and Frenzy, slipping and sliding his way to impressive placings such as 5th at Awakening 3 and 4th at MASTer. Rumor has it that he is going to go abroad to San Jose in the near future to see how far he can reach while going full time in Melee for a brief period. With that in mind only the glitched ceiling is the limit for this Luigi.

written by: Caspar “Moby” van der Sman photo credit: Seya

Gaute “Zorc” Berge was first mentioned as a “Rising Star” on the Norwegian PR in August 2014. Two years and a switch from Marth to Falco later, he was ranked #1 in his home country and a fixture amongst the Scandinavian elite, making top 8 at DreamHack Summer 2016 but otherwise having a string of 17th and 25th place finishes at European majors. Something else was needed to make the jump from the second tier of European players to the first. Then an opportunity that few are afforded came up: to spend a year among the best players in the world in northern California.

In NorCal Zorcs’ relentless ambition, along with his ability to implement new technology into his gameplan, combined to create a clear trend of improvement and impressive wins. He first started attracting attention after upsetting Laudandus to get 65th at Genesis 4 and soon established himself as a real threat in the region, with consistent placements at locals and wins over a large fraction of the Power Ranking – including NMW, Ralph, Rocky, and HomeMadeWaffles. Zorc capped off his stay by getting 5th at 163-player tournament NorCal Validated 4, beating Nintendude in the process. When he left he was ranked #16 in one the most competitive regions on the globe.

How exactly this experience will translate back home is not yet clear but Zorc kicked off 2018 by getting 5th at Phoenix Blue, beating FA0, Random-Ness, and JohnnyFight, losing to Trif and Leffen. If this is anything to go by, the new Zorc may just be ready to knock on the door of the European elite.

written by: Nicholas “TechNick” Fuhrmann photo credit: SHIP, Heir 4

This young Fox main from Hanover has taken Germany and Europe over by storm; even close followers of the German scene didn’t expect him to rise that quickly. Dominik “Nicki” Kunze outdid expectations with stellar performances at almost every tournament he went to, reaching his peak at Heir 4 where he beat Däumling, Jeapie, Deathgazer and even took a game from S2J before finishing in 13th place.

After watching the Smash Documentary in early 2015 he started playing just a few months later as Falco. Nicki switched over to Fox in 2016 and seemed like a younger version of Leffen, beating nearly every ranked player in his country seemingly out of nowhere.

For this year he put his focus more towards working on the floatie matchups as Germany is just stacked with them. With tournaments such a Awakening 4 on the horizon, there is no limit for this incredibly talented player.

written by: Tristan ‘Reverb’ Jakobsen photo credit: Seya

Recently sponsored by ESports organization Black Sun, old-school Fox main and well known traveler Lucas “Zoler” Blomgren has been an artist in both singles and doubles. Having an amazing tournament at Heir III where he beat NorCal native Phil as well as Fuzzyness in a convincing fashion, he’s well known across the continent for being a positive competitor and methodical melee player.

With a winning 2-0 set record over Sweden’s #4 player and teammate Daydee, a 3-0 record against Fa0, the only Swedish players that still give him trouble are his friends JohnnyFight, Humpe, and the Alliance brothers. Zoler has been in a shaky period for a long time but in 2017 he clearly showed that his Fox isn’t to be taken for granted by any player, taking sets from players such as Jadde, Rocky, gLory, and maXy.

During Valhallas 3v3 city crews grand finals between Gothenburg & Madrid he seemed to utterly dominate the pace of the game against a shaky Trif, earning his native city the title of best melee city in Europe. This is something he takes great pride in.

written by: Tristan ‘X1’ Bunyan photo credit: Seya

In recent years you were more likely to find Charles “Fuzzyness” Kimmelman streaming Nintendo games on his twitch channel than at a tournament. Since shifting his focus to speedrunning and broadcasting, Fuzzyness has produced many unforgettable highlights not to mention several world records across a number of different games.

Despite a busy stream schedule Fuzzyness found time to attend a few majors in 2017 posting mixed results. At Beast 7 in February Fuzzyness turned heads by defeating Nintendude 3-2 in the losers bracket, falling in the next round to Slox 3-1. Later in the year Fuzzyness left a few blotches on his record with uncharacteristic losses to Deathgazer and SchlimmShady at Heir 4 and RAID respectively.

It was a year of modest achievements for Fuzzyness, but he nonetheless clocked in at 21st on the ranking which is a testament to both his high peak performance level, and a wealth of legacy results.

Only 20 players remaining! Congratulations to every player that made it onto the list thus far. We will reveal the next 10 tomorrow. Share your speculations over social media using #HEIRSpringPR2018.

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This ranking was an effort by Team Heir spearheaded by Kone. Graphics were created by Hylian Reaper. Joeri converted the content to the website. We wish to thank the various panelists and writers of the blurbs per player and Tafokints for setting an example with SSBMRank.

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