Official H.E.I.R European Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018: rank 10 to 6

Now that we’ve reached the top ten of the H.E.I.R Melee Spring Ranking of 2018 we are slowing down a bit to keep things interesting. Lets find out which players occupy the coveted rank 10-6!

What is the H.E.I.R Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018?
Since the closure of Smashranking.EU there has been an absence of any formal European wide ranking system. Team Heir, in collaboration with Smash Europe, have decided to implement a new sixth monthly European PR – the H.E.I.R rankings. The rankings used a similar method as the North American MIOM rankings and is designed to be the European equivalent moving forward in time. The main difference is that unlike the MIOM rankings the H.E.I.R rankings are top 50 only. For more information about the criteria see the ranking’s introduction.

written by: Guus ‘Jim Morrison’ Kolpa photo credit: SHIP, Heir 4

When he first made the switch from Sheik to Yoshi in February 2016, the Dutch community generally did not have much faith that Avalancer could make it work. This sentiment quickly changed when, only a few months later, Avalancer was back to the level of his Sheik and started competing at a top 10 level again in The Netherlands. Ever since the then-blue Yoshi continuously kept improving and domestically he was known as a force to be reckoned with.
It wasn’t until May 2017 that Avalancer became an international rockstar, after taking a legendary game off Armada and beating Professor Pro a month later. Avalancers’ most amazing performance came at Heir IV where he beat Mahie, Daydee, Android, Zoler and Tekk, while barely losing to Amsah and Overtriforce (both 3-2). In the end Avalancer placed 7th at the largest ever European Melee tournament. A month later Avalancer once again showed up big by placing 7th at Syndicate 2017.

After a short break from the game Avalancer returned to the Dutch scene in February where he placed 1st at Uprise Smash. At this tournament Avalancer beat longtime rival Jim Morrison, Mahie, and Amsah in two sets from losers. This monumental win showed that Avalancer is a contender for the top spot in The Netherlands and his recent accomplishments rightfully place him in the top 10 of European Melee.

written by: Caspar “Moby” van der Sman

There are few things as consistent in UK Melee as Robby “Vanity Angel” Gee. Ranked top 3 in the country since at least 2014, VA has seen friends and rivals in the top ten come and go while remaining a constant, indomitable presence. Perhaps the only top Peach left in the world who can be said to have developed his style before the influence of Armada took hold, VA is known for his aggressive neutral game with a conventionally defensive character, as well as his ferocious and often creative punish game. While he is yet to win a tournament over UK #1 Professor Pro, he has won multiple of their sets in the last few years, and has picked up few losses to the rest of the UK Power Ranking.

Despite a fairly low level of international attendance 2017 was still something of a bumper year for VA. He racked up wins against Amsah, Prof, Mahie, Daydee, MINT, and more, including two against Overtriforce, most notably in Grand Finals of Origin. After coming second in 2016 he also won the 2017 edition of Team Heirs The Contract, beating Avalancer in the finals to the delight of the home crowd. Most impressively all this happened while not losing once to anyone ranked below him.

This year the streak finally had to come to an end with VA losing at Equinox to up-and-comer maXy. But with Team Heirs sponsorship behind him a reinvigorated VA will cast one of the scariest shadows over any European tournament.

written by: Tristan ‘Reverb’ Jakobsen photo credit:

Considered one of the worlds best players when it comes to teams play, Andreas “Android” Lindgren is a european powerhouse himself. With a trademark playstyle consisting of read-heavy, long combos he’s been solidifying himself at the top of the European scene for the past few years.

Often practicing with his doubles partner, teammate & brother Armada, he’s continuing to impress both within and outside of Europe. His best wins include two victories over MIOM ranked #12 Druggedfox, a 3-0 over Crush at BEAST and an amazing win against Tempo Storms Axe. Inside europe, he’s been rocking winning records over JohnnyFight, Mahie, Zoler & Zorc while trading sets back & forth with Trif, Overtriforce & Professor Pro.

The only disappointing result in Androids recent consistent career was his performance at Genesis 5, only finishing 3rd in teams with Armada and not making it out of pools in singles. After a quick mental recovery he’s been looking only forward.Increasingly focusing on improving in his singles career, even experimenting with Falco for certain matchups. The last three years, he’s been nothing but climbing on MIOM’s top 100 list, finishing at an impressive #44 in 2017, he’s out to prove that there’s no stopping him and that his rise to the top is inevitable.

written by: Kone photo credit: Seya

More commonly referred to as simply ‘Over’ Roberto Iglesias is the second best player in Spain hailing from Madrid. Having lost his number 1 spot to his doubles and VIRAL teammate Trif, he is still a threat to all but the very best that Europe has to offer. Over has been a stalwart of the very top end of European smash since Epita Smash 2 in 2008. Alongside Amsah and Android he makes up the triumvirate of Europe’s best sheiks. This aptitude with his chosen character has seen him finish as 60th on the global MIOM ranking and 7th in Europe for 2017 – an impressive season!
An often unspoken narrative for European smash is that Over is one of the continent’s leading villains. Whilst one automatically thinks of a villain as say the bully archetype ala Leffen, Over is Europe’s silent assassin or outsider wanting in. A character that appears across Europe at unexpected events, with little explanation as to how and why, he will demurely march into top 8 and further – making local heartbreaks along the way. Such crowd silencing results include 3rd at Valhalla, 5th places at Heir 4 and HF LAN 2017, 7th at Syndicate 2017 and 13th at BEAST 7. His resume with team mate Trif in doubles is also excellent with a 3rd place finish at Heir 4.
Whilst he gathers considerable heat from his peers and crowd alike, Over no doubt will silently hone his skills at home and continue to attend as many events as possible to further his cause of moving up the rankings. Although falling outside of this ranking period Over recently beat Ice over two sets on his home turf during February’s Trophy Garden. Will Over continue to hush crowds throughout 2018? or create more crowd popping moments when, the very few in Europe, are able to beat this European legend?

written by: Chelsea “Chelly” Toms photo credit: SHIP, Heir 4

Aaron Thomas is a name regularly chanted by his friends and fans in the UK. With die hard fans supporting his every move, Professor Pro is a long time shining glory for the UK and for good reason! The cheeky English Fox player became Number One in the UK around 2014 and attempts at his throne have been futile in knocking him off the top spot. After polishing his game play in Europe for the first part of 2017, Prof (an avid traveller) then jetted to America. This year he has conquered players from all over the world and is ranked 41 in the Red Bull top 100. Professor Pros’ results at the largest and most acclaimed tournaments in the world in 2017 are exceptional: 25th at Genesis 4, 9th at Beast 7, 13th at Royal Flush, 25th at Smash ‘N’ Splash, 5th at Heir 4, 5th at Syndicate, 17th at GTX, 33rd at Big House 7, 5th at Dreamhack Winter just to list a tiny portion of the tournaments that he attended last year. At those tournaments he beat the likes of: KJH, Chillindude, Jeapie, Overtriforce, Android, Avalancer, MacD and Amsah to keep the list brief. To kick this year off he’s placed 1st at Origin 2, 4th at Phoenix Blue, 1st at Regen, 5th at Valhalla and 2nd at Schism 2; defeating talents such as: Vanity Angel, JohnnyFights, Daydee, Trif and S2J. His results speak for themselves and despite a few sets taken from him, the momentum of the UK number one is still in full swing for 2018.

Surprised? Only 5 left! Congratulations to every player that made it onto the list thus far. By now the final 5 shouldn’t be a big surprise but what’s the distribution?! Share your speculations over social media using #HEIRSpringPR2018.

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This ranking was an effort by Team Heir spearheaded by Kone. Graphics were created by Hylian Reaper. Joeri converted the content to the website. We wish to thank the various panelists and writers of the blurbs per player and Tafokints for setting an example with SSBMRank.

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