Official H.E.I.R European Melee Power Ranking of Spring 2018: Introduction and rank 50 to 41

Since the closure of Smashranking.EU there has been an absence of any formal European wide ranking system. Team Heir, in collaboration with Smash Europe, have decided to implement a new sixth monthly European PR – the H.E.I.R rankings. The rankings used a similar method as the North American MIOM rankings and is designed to be the European equivalent moving forward in time. The main difference is that unlike the MIOM rankings the H.E.I.R rankings are top 50 only.

For the Spring rankings we used the previous year’s results (in the future this will be six monthly). The range was from Dezension on the 7th January 2017 through to DSEA Winter on the 13th of January 2018. For events to qualify there had to be 64 or more players in attendance. Furthermore, for players to be shortlisted players needed to have at least one of the following placements:

  • 400+ person event – Top 32
  • 200+ person event – Top 24
  • 128+ – Top 16
  • 100+ – Top 12
  • 64+ – Top 8

A comprehensive panel was put together by Team Heir’s Kone involving community leaders, tournament organisers, top players and data nerds from across Europe. Those involved were;
Avalancer, Timi, Blaze, Fauster, Overtriforce, Ryuker, Flippy, Zoler, TechNick, Frenzy, Martin, FA0, UnHaven, Moby, Sponge, JohnyFight, Usleon, Makenshi, Jim Morrison, Mahie, Nicki, Levingy, Reverb, ShiftingShadows, Sverre, Däumling, gLory, MINT, SchlimmShady, Jah Ridin.

Panellists were provided with a very comprehensive data sheet by Big Good and Team Heir’s Dan Soup (who also compiled results and corrected any outliers).

The top 50 will be unveiled ten a day for the next six days. We hope you all enjoy the rankings. If your name does not appear then please train harder and/or attend more events! That is the main aim of these rankings – we want to see more players travelling, tournament organisers hosting larger events and the competitive level of Europe increase.
Saying that, the next rankings will be in September 2018 with Heir 5 being the finale for this ranking period. If you are a TO aim to hit 64 attendees for your event to qualify. If you are a player attend and aim to enter or move up the rankings. You’re encouraged to share your speculations over social media using #HEIRSpringPR2018.

We would like you thank the following for helping make these rankings possible; Team Heir, Smash Europe, Dan Soup, the panellists, photographers (notably SHIP, Seya and Hypest Team), writers and Bloodbowler for editing. Graphics were created by Hylian Reaper.

Without further ado let’s move onto the ranking itself. Head over to the next page to see the first 10 players!

proceed to rank 50 to 41    

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