APEX 2015: An interview with Mr-R

Mr-R (middle) with longtime team partner iStudying, Armada… and Rebaz at Avalon VI.

Mr-R was overall the best European Brawl player, taking several large European events and even placing top 8 at APEX 2013. He has proven to be no slouch in Smash 4 either by taking Sky’s invitational and winning Avalon VI in dominant fashion. He will soon travel to the United States again to compete in APEX 2015. I had a chance to sit down with him and ask some questions.

How have you been preparing for Smash 4 at APEX so far and what additional steps will you take to be at your best?
I’ve been playing Wi-Fi. Having long offline sessions multiple times a week also helps! I’ve been playing with various Dutch smashers, but mostly with S1-14, a Ness main who is probably the second best player in Holland right now. I’ll be traveling roughly 5 days prior to APEX to get more training. I’ll be staying with False the entire week, so we’re going into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and train for many hours every day.

Which opponents are you most excited about facing?
Nairo, False, ZeRo and the entire rotation crew.

Many people complain about characters like Diddy, and to a lesser extent Sheik and Rosalina. You spoke out against this a while ago. What is your current opinion on the Smash 4 metagame and its (lack of) balance?
I think people just like jumping on bandwagons, the game hasn’t even been out yet that long. Melee, Brawl and PM have had major changes in their tier lists throughout the years and Smash 4 won’t be any different. There’s always room for improvement on character balance in every fighting game and Smash 4 is no exception. I’m honestly fine with how the game is at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind Diddy getting a nerf on his up air or downthrow, so that the majority of the community can stop complaining, haha. APEX top 8 is probably going to be a mixture of Diddy, Sheik, Rosalina, Sonic and perhaps ZSS. We’ll see!

Which characters would you currently define as top tier?
Diddy, Sheik, Rosalina, Sonic and Pikachu.

Any characters you feel are underrated? Why?
I feel like half the cast is unexplored, but I think Toon Link in particular is underrated by many. His projectile game seems more solid now and his backthrow kills about as early as Ness’. He can rack up damage, outcamp most of the characters and has solid killing tools.

What are the most important gameplay tips you have for people getting started with Smash 4, whether they are newcomers or smash veterans?

  • Practice with someone slightly better than you.
  • Watch videos of your character and practice imitating or copying tactics.
  • Play a lot! Lack of matchup knowledge can really screw you over.
  • I think people still aren’t using enough ledge trumping. Even if you don’t go for it all the time, it conditions your oponnent to act immediately when they’re on the ledge.

You are also entering Brawl at APEX. How have you been preparing for that, if at all?
I haven’t! I’m mainly focusing on Smash 4, but I’ve really been craving some Brawl lately, so it’s gonna be hype! Especially if someone not maining Ice Climbers or Meta Knight makes it to the finals.

What do you think Brawl’s future is like now that Smash 4 is out?
It’s looking pretty bad now, but APEX might breathe some life into it again.

What are your plans for 2015, regarding competition, streaming etc.?
I’ll be traveling to APEX, Smash Factor in Mexico, Evo and multiple European tournaments. I’m already confirmed for Cannes Winter Clash, together with my team LowLandLions, for multiple events. Last year I wasn’t able to travel that much because I was working fulltime, but starting next month I will be working significantly less. I’m also planning on streaming 4 or 5 days a week once I’m back from the States.

Now that you’ve seen Game of Thrones, who are your favourite characters?
They killed my favorite characters! But right now, definitely Tyrion and Arya. OH, AND THE DIREWOLVES!

In closing, SmashEurope would like to thank Mr-R for the interview and wishes him the best of luck at APEX 2015!

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