Presenting: The German Melee Circuit 2019

What is GMC 2019?

The German Melee Circuit 2019 is a series of tournaments in Germany and Austria which will take place throughout the year 2019. These tournaments will take place in the following regions:

  • Franconia (Nuremberg)
  • East Germany (Wittenberg)
  • NRW (Cologne)
  • Bavaria (Munich)
  • Southwest Germany (Stuttgart)
  • Berlin (Berlin)
  • Austria (Vienna)

The German Melee Circuit supports three formats:

  • Melee Singles (1 vs 1)
  • Melee Doubles (2 vs 2)
  • Melee Crews (5 vs 5)

The PAL version of SSBM is played.

The game is played with the German Smash Recommended Ruleset:

Each participant receives points that are relevant for the Circuit Ranking based on the placing they achieve at the qualifier events. Singles and Doubles each have their own Circuit Ranking. At the end of the season the 16 highest placing Melee Singles players and the 8 highest placing Melee Doubles teams qualify for the final event. For crews, the two best crews qualify for the final event.

The final event

In the final event, the 16 best Melee Singles players, the 8 best Melee Doubles teams and the top 2 crews will compete against each other in their respective formats.

From each qualifier event, a portion of the venue fee will flow into the Circuit Pot, which will then be paid out at the final event. In crew format, each crew pays a one-time participation fee, which will be distributed to the top 2 crews in the final event.

The date, location and other details of the final event will be announced in an extensive update at a later date.

Who are we?

The GMC 2019 Team consists of Tournament Organizers from different regions in Germany and Austria. These are:

Each region represented on the circuit has at least one contact person who is also directly involved in the organisation of the regional qualifier event.

How does the ranking work and how do I qualify?

  • Only Germans and Austrians (and people living in Germany and Austria) are eligible for the GMC 2019.
  • At the end of a qualifier event each participant gets points for the placement achieved in Singles and Doubles. These points are used to create a Circuit Ranking.
  • Singles and Doubles have their own Circuit Ranking.
  • For Singles, the points corresponding to the ranking achieved count for each individual player.  
  • For Doubles, the points that correspond to the achieved ranking of a specific doubles team count, i.e. more points can only be earned if the two same players compete several times as a doubles team.
  • The 16 highest placing players in the Circuit Ranking qualify for the final event in Melee Singles. If one of the qualified Singles players cannot make it to the final event, the next player in the Singles Circuit Ranking will move up.
  • For the final event in Melee Doubles the 8 highest placing Doubles Teams qualify in the Circuit Ranking. If a player qualifies several times with different Doubles Teams, he has to choose a Doubles Team. If one of the qualified Doubles teams is unable to make it to the final event, the next Doubles team will move up in the Doubles Circuit Ranking.
  • To qualify for the final event in Melee Singles, at least two qualifier events are required.
  • To qualify for the final event in Melee Doubles, at least two qualifier events must be attended by the same team.


Crew Battles are an official part of the GMC 2019 and there will be 8 crews divided into two groups of 4.

The approved regions are the following:

  • NRW
  • Berlin (Brandenburg)
  • Northern Germany (Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen, Lower Saxony, M-VP, HH)
  • East Germany (Saxony Anhalt, Saxony, Thuringia)
  • Southwest Germany (BW, Hesse, RLP, Saarland)
  • Bavaria
  • Austria

In addition, a region may register a second team. The rule here is: first come, first served!

Conditions / minimum requirements:

  • Each crew must consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 players.
  • The players of each crew must either reside in the respective region or originate from that region.
  • It is allowed to exchange up to 3 players during the current season. These exchanges are then permanent for the rest of the season.
  • The participation fee for the whole season is 75€ per crew.


  • Two groups (Round Robin Pools) with four crews each.
  • Each crew must have at least 5 players present for the crew match at a qualifier event.
  • The exact schedule for the crew matches will be announced after all crews have registered.
  • Crews can get a special date in the schedule on request.
  • The top 2 crews of each group will be placed in a Single Elimination Crew Bracket.

Crew ruleset:

  • Before each crew match 5 players and their characters must be selected. These are then exchanged simultaneously with the opposing crew on a list.
  • The game is played with 4 stocks and on a 99min timer. If you win the match with e.g. 2 stocks, you also start your next match with the 2 remaining stocks.
  • If you start the crew match with one character, this character may not be changed for the whole crew match.
  • Per player there is one stage ban, which must be announced as soon as the opponent is determined and has chosen the character.
  • If a crew wins the crew match, the number of remaining stocks must also be counted.
  • In the case of a 3-way tie in the group phase, it is solved as follows:
    • 1. remaining stocks (in total)
      2. direct comparison  


  • The registration of a crew is done via the following form:
  • For this purpose each crew needs a captain who registers the crew and is in contact with the TOs.
  • Once the form has been completed, it must be reviewed and confirmed by the GMC 2019 team.
  • The captain will then be informed by the GMC 2019 team whether the crew meets the minimum requirements and will pay the participation fee of 75€.

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