Republic of Fighters Winter Session 2015 in review

Last Saturday, while many were awaiting the livestream for Paragon, the last APEX 2015 qualifier of the season, the French could attend Republic of Fighters Winter Session in Paris. In the colourful French atmosphere in an IT engineering school, players could compete in Smash Bros. for Wii U (Smash 4), Brawl and Melee. Interest was high, as each event had completely filled up two days in advance. The event was broadcasted on, the biggest French gaming site, through Dailymotion, Frances own live streaming provider. As such, most tuning in were likely from France, making it even more impressive that a little over 350 people were watching.


The Melee bracket was not without its upsets. As covered in an overview SmashEurope published earlier, the attendance was primarily French with Salepate projected as favorite to win the event, given his previous performances and Tekk’s absence. However, he surprisingly got knocked into the losers bracket by Charlon (1-2), who used Fox to pull the biggest upset of the day. Baxon was sent to the losers bracket by Cyr’s Samus, who had used Mario all the way to quarters finals. Cyr and Charlon met in winners finals with Cyr winning the set (3-0), while Salepate eliminated Baxon (3-2). Charlon had to face Salepate again in losers finals, where Salepate came out on top (3-1) and made it to grand finals. Though the set score makes it seem like a dominant performance, the matches were very close with Cyr pulling a comeback multiple times to claim a 3-0 victory.

Glutonny was projected as favorite to win the Brawl bracket. He was well on his way when he won winners finals over Dany (3-1). Elexiao was knocked into losers (2-0) by ROlia where he eliminated Deimos, Bjay and Anoer (2-0), of whom the last had just beaten ROlia. Dany and Elexiao met in losers finals with Elexiao winning 3-0. Ultimately, Elexiao faced Glutonny in grand finals. He managed to reset the bracket (3-0) and then won the 2nd set 3-2 thus Glutonny surprisingly had to settle for the runner-up spot and Elexiao won the event.

With Smash 4 still being relatively new, it was hard to make predictions for its bracket though it was expected high level Brawl players would perform well. Some of them did, as Deimos and Dany both made winners quarters, where Deimos knocked Dany in losers (2-0). The winner of the Brawl event, Gluttony, had a bumpier ride: after being knocked into losers by Nin’, he had to settle for 4th place after losing to Anoer, who eliminated Dany (2-0). Deimos’ younger brother Phogos made it to winners finals, but was sent to the losers bracket by his older brother (3-0). There he eliminated Anoer (3-1) and proceeded to reset the bracket with a 3-0 win in the first set of grand finals. The sibling rivalry ended with the younger brother coming out on top in the second set as well (3-1). Both sets were Diddy Kong dittos.


Thus concluded another successful edition of the Republic of Fighters series. Full results can be found in the smashboards results thread. Details for the next event are still unclear, but the French have hf.LAN and Cannes Winter Clash to look forward to, as well as a high number of smaller tournaments. The next large tournament in Europe is Avalon VII in the Netherlands, which has completely filled up two weeks in advance.

Photographs were taken from the RoF Facebook page. I was unable to identify the photographer, so if you made them, please let us know to get proper credit.


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