Republic of Fighters Winter Session 2015 preview

With the exception of Armada(SE) and Leffen(SE) who will be attending Paragon in the States this weekend, most European players are still recovering from the intense weekend that was B.E.A.S.T 5(Beast5), however the French don’t have time for breaks as the Winter Edition of the Republic of Fighters(RoF) series is already happening this Saturday, an FGC-centered tournament hosted in Paris that has adopted the Smash games ever since RoF2 in 2013. Unlike the 2014 Winter Edition this one also features Melee, Smash Bros. for Wii U(Smash4) and Brawl.

Through pre-registration the events have completely filled up which could very well be a trend for pre-reg tournaments in Europe now as Avalon VII, scheduled later this month, has also reached its cap. Melee, hosted by BseeD, and Smash4, hosted by Leon, are both made up of a 64 player double elimination bracket. Brawl, also hosted by Leon, still seems to have some life in it with a 32 player bracket. Melee and Smash4 are looking at a pot of a little over €300 and Brawl a little over €150. Since the event follows so closely after Beast5, international attendance for Melee is on the low side, thus RoF will likely be a predominantly French affair.


The top Melee players to look out for are Salepate, Baxon and Cyr. Salepate, currently ranked 2nd on the LeFrenchMelee Power Rankings(LFMPR), plays a dangerous Marth who is particularly good at landing combos and ending them with tippers. He recently placed 9th at Beast5 after losing to Armada(SE) and Amsah(NL), the latter in particular resulted in close games after which it ended in 3-1.

Paris’s best player, Baxon, ranked 3rd on LFMPR and is well known for his offensive Falco play, in particular he always seems capable of pulling comebacks against strong players. His recent placements include 17th at Beast5 after losing to Beat(SE) and Daumling(GR) and 4th at Avalon IV. He also got the opportunity to team with C9| Mang0 at Beast5 where they ended up placing 3rd.


Cyr, one of the few well performing Samus mains in Europe, is ranked 4th on the LFMPR. He’s never a player to sleep on as he proved when he got 3rd at Avalon IV, beating LLL.Jeapie(NL) in the process and placing 5th at HF.Lan 8.

Other strong contenders include Charlon, a very technical Falco; Mahie, a solid Marth player and commentator who is especially good at teams and poses the biggest threat to the French top 4; Doraki, a smart mathematician who unraveled the mysteries of DI; and Willy, a former Falco player who recently switched to Peach. Tekk, the number 1 in the LFMPR, sadly won’t be attending.


On the Brawl side, the top players to look out for are Glutonny, Dany and Elexiao. Gluttony is considered the favorite for 1st place, as he has been the best France has had to offer ever since 2009. His Wario is one if not the best Wario in the world and he has Falco as secondary. He’s won the biggest European Brawl tournament where he beat Ally(CAN) in Grand Final.

Glutonny’s biggest threats come from Dany, Elexiao and Deimos. Dany is regarded as the best Ice Climbers player in Europe. He placed 3rd many times ever since he started in 2011 and is considered 3rd best in France. Elexiao holds the best ROB in France. He got first at HIIIS 2 and 3rd at Smashdown#1 where he climbed his way through losers. He’s entered less then 10 tournaments but became a top player very quickly using mid tier characters. Deimos holds the best Metaknight in France and has the third best tournament win record in France.

Since Smash4 is still relatively new, there’s little information yet regarding the top threats. Top 3 at the first French Smash4 tournament was Leon, who won’t be participating due to his TO responsibilities, Glutonny and Dany. Glutonny, Deimos Phogos and Dany are projected to be the top placers this event.

You can tune in to all the action over at starting at 11AM local time(Paris, GMT+1). Each Smash game will rotate after 2 hours on stream so 11AM brawl, 1PM melee, 3PM Smash 4 and top 3 starts at 5PM. Which top 3 goes first will depend on the state of the events. Several past tournaments have been commentated in French but since they are looking to reach a more international audience, Fauster might opt to call on his English this time.

Special thanks go out to BSeeD and Leon for providing me with the necessary information, Most of the pictures used were made by Seya.


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