French Melee PowerRanking 2016

We’re honoured to release the English version of the French Melee PowerRanking provided to us by LeFrenchMelee! The list was written with mastery by Tekk, translated with wit by Guilu, Tikaal and Exile, and illustrated with elegance by Hercules.

These 30 people were voted as the best French Super Smash Bros. Melee players of 2016. Keep in mind that only people who got out of pools at two French nationals this year were eligible to this list and able to cast their votes. This rules out Makenshi and Charlon, among others, but we’re positive that they will be highly ranked in 2017!

Without further ado, let us introduce the finest players of 2016 in this list.

french melee powerranking2016 tier c


french melee powerranking2016 hercules

Originally from Montpellier, Hercules is the proud father of the Nantes community which he guides since his arrival. His lovely Falcon opens this Top 30, after serious progress and lust for victory that bursts out with every knee. A player we’ll definitely keep an eye on in 2017!

Chance Lo

french melee powerranking2016 chance lo

A Sheik from Orléans who wasn’t very well-known prior to this year, Chance Lo is a rather discreet player whose potential shines through his play nonetheless. With a victory over Samplay at HFLAN 2016 and some international tournaments under his belt, Chance Lo could very well become the definitive French Sheik if he can keep it up.


french melee powerranking2016 stormyu

Our favourite railway worker is the first Fox in this top 30, and like any good fox player he’s not afraid to boast. With his mastery of trash talking and ever-increasing technical skill, StorMyu made some noise in 2016 with a victory over DjaGof, reminding everyone that he’s more than got the bite to his bark. Stern looks and skill could allow him to climb up the ladder in the upcoming year, should his work finally allow him some nighttime rest. #Dormyu.

Kid Candi

french melee powerranking2016 kid candi

The hype kid from Lyon, once the pupil of Fauster with his Samus, has switched to Fox and Sheik and unleashed an aggressive and daring style backed with surprising insight. His departure from the fausterian school of play led him on the trail of the ever so crazy DjaGof instead. If he can manage his focus and composure, he will sow terror in the hearts of the floaties and the slower players.

Dindon Masqué

french melee powerranking2016 dindon masqué

Previously retired, the masked turkey makes a grand return and propels himself to the Top 30 with victories over MetalFox, Kid Candi, Fauster, Datto. Always turning up at tournaments and sessions of the Montpellier Meltdown, this old-school Falcon displays a well-honed combination of careful neutral game with efficient punishes. Hopefully his performances can stir him to travel again beyond Montpellier and show the younger generation how Cpt. Falcon can be just as brutal and ruthless as Ganon.


french melee powerranking2016 explo

Parisian TO and go-to Ice Climbers player in the capital, Explo made a brilliant showing in 2016, beating JiM, Samplay, Imperfect, and travelling throughout France and Europe. Taking part in Syndicate and Avalon-M6 in the Netherlands, Heir III in Great Britain, Eclipse 2 in Norway, Explo’s motivation and curiosity is exemplary. Explo’s rise will undoubtedly leave his opponents crying, begging for an escape from his merciless wobbling.



The UFO from Lyon (Unidentified French Object), the unexpected Yoshi. From 2015 to 2016, Yogui went from a hesitant beginner to a surefooted veteran with solid game plans. A regular of the tournaments in Lyon and the south, he’s been taking sets from Alox, Djagof, Datto, Dindon Masqué, and Lguy this year, with a surprise appearance in LAST VI’s top 8. We can only wait with glee for the scaly monster to go beyond his preferred stomping grounds and wreak havoc on unprepared foreigners, leaving only salt and astonishment in his wake.


french melee powerranking2016 raoul

A serious contender for the spot of the most popular player, and Paris’s mascot, RAOUL is a fox to watch. Whether spiritual son or brother to Belia, he follows the same methodical reasoning that leads him to absolute efficiency. Nearly unknown in 2015, 2016 saw him take matches of off *Zen, Bseed or Mono. His meteoric rise is a cause for distress, and those ahead of him should keep watch lest they are outsped by this shining star in 2017.


french melee powerranking2016 datto

The elder Marth of Montpellier is still in constant rivalry with the other three musketeers of his city (Jim, Meljin and MetalFox) for the top dog spot. 2016 didn’t let him shine, but his iron and his fundamentals are undoubtedly solid, netting him victories in the Meltdown tournaments and against Lyon (ZCK, Lguy, Kid Candi). It is unfortunate that he is unable to travel further, to Paris and beyond, to show his potential to players who don’t yet know him; here’s to hoping that 2017 will be different.


french melee powerranking2016 crogo

Previously known as Cromat, previously playing Falcon, previously retired. Crogo is, like Dindon, one of the old-timers returning strongly in 2016: *Zen, Willy, Mono, Raoul, Explo have lost matches to his Peach, netting him a perhaps unexpected spot in the Top 30. As with Datto, we hope to see him travel further to challenge himself and the country. Note that he is the only Peach player in the Top 30, making him the best chance to learn a matchup that is all too unknown in France.


french melee powerranking2016 luk

One of the founders of the Grenoble community alongside the legendary Qlex, LuK plays a methodical and observant Cpt. Falcon. His preference for efficiency over showmanship has misled more than one opponent into complacency, until they find themselves with a surprise elbow to the teeth ; indeed, this magician by trade has a gift for observing spacing and rolling habits, to the dismay of his adversaries. He places himself at the gates of the Top 20 for the coming year 2017.


french melee powerranking2016 meljin

The edgy and mysterious Fox of Montpellier, recently joining the ForwardSmash team, is on the rise this year. Like Datto, he’s almost exclusively seen at tournaments in and around Montpellier and Lyon, where his progression is most seen : his 3-0 over Djagof in SBA2’s losers’ bracket surprised many. With better technical fundamentals in 2016, Meljin has been able to adopt a more thoughtful, calmer game. Should he continue in this fashion, he could steal Jim’s spot as the best player of Montpellier, though he will need to travel further north to spread his fame and prove his worth.


french melee powerranking2016 metalfox

The definitive Ness in France and Europe. After a period of relative inactivity these past few years, MetalFox participated in 11 tournaments in 2016 and distinguished himself by defeating Inf at MARS2016, ZCK at LAST VI, and Alox at GRAS 6. Though his Ness brings him no small amount of fame, he is nevertheless a very dangerous player with his namesake character. One of the few players playing both the best and the worst characters in the game, with impressively seamless transitions between the two. As with the rest of Montpellier, we hope to see him further north in 2017!


french melee powerranking2016 cc

2016 has a necromantic air to it, with so many retirees rising from their slumber. CC is yet another oldtimer making a brilliant return in 2016. The best Ice Climbers player in the country, CC is part of the Montpellieran core that’s not seen too much action with the north. This year, he mostly wrought fear in Lyon, with victories over ZCK, Etril, Lguy and Djagof, while making himself known as a force to be reckoned with in Montpellier, falling second only to Jim. If he keeps to the path, there is no doubt that the salt will pour in 2017, with wobbling still a sore spot for some.


french melee powerranking2016 zck

Originally from Toulouse, ZCK only made a splash when he arrived in the Lyon scene, becoming quite the upset machine. Many of the upper-ranking players fell, from all regions : Samplay, Datto, CC, Alox, Leon all learned ZCK’s name the hard way. The upsets have slowed down this year, but ZCK’s progress has not, as he’s honed his skills to become more accurate in his game and trickier in his rest setups. With Aephage also in Lyon, they form a deadly duo of Rondoudous, drowning floaties in dread when they find themselves in their brackets. There’s no telling where ZCK’s path leads him in 2017, whether it’s up or down the french rankings.


french melee powerranking2016 tier b


french melee powerranking2016 aether

The Link of Orleans, hero of Time and of Rennes, made his return halfway through 2015 and marks the middle of this Top 30. His central position position is earned by bright victories over nearly everybody, but marred by spotty attendance: though he was quite active from Q3 2015 onwards, his last tournament in 2016 was RoF Summer in June. Aether displays solid neutral and punish games that never foil under pressure. Finally, his legendary humility cannot go unmentioned : Aether is the essence of fair-play and always flashes the same humble and shy smile, whether he wins or loses. He is an inspiration to us all on that front. Let’s hope he keeps being his exemplary self in 2017.


french melee powerranking2016 samplay

A player accustomed to travelling, seen from Zoetermeer to Montpellier, this green Falco from Lille is one tough customer. With a 2nd place at Neokan Party 2, a 5th place at RoF Summer, and victories over Belia, Leon, Mahie and Lguy, Samplay imposes himself as one of the best Falcos in the country. His style, alternating between solid tactics and daring approaches, makes him an excellent training partner and a scary competitor to less conscious opponents. Samplay has also distinguished himself as a top-notch teamplayer, earning the title of “best doubles team in France” in this year’s Smash Awards along with Mahie. Finally, Samplay has had very close sets with top players like Overtriforce or Leffen. Perhaps 2017 will let him close the gap, and reveal his humongous potential?


french melee powerranking2016 lguy

This formerly Parisian player has made himself one of the indispensable members of the Lyon scene. His Fox is already seen throughout France, and isn’t afraid to go abroad either. With years of experience, LGuy is a veteran of the competition, whom nothing surprises. His defensive Fox can be an absolute wall, and in 2016 allowed him to take victories over Leon, Zoler, Willy, Tekk, DjaGof or Cyr. With a great potential for upsets, this strong player will become a menace if he can acquire the galvanised mind that will make him indomitable.


french melee powerranking2016 jim

Leader and final boss to Montpellier, T.O. for the LAST and Meltdown tournament series, this self-proclaimed “Foxslayer” is the nation’s best Doc player. Joining HypestTeam this year, Jim took 1st place in SBA2 and a 3rd place in GRAS 7, in addition to a slew of victories in his city’s bar, The Meltdown. His repetitive and defensive style erodes his opponents’ patience, and his solid knowledge of gimp setups will turn any one of their mistakes into a lost stock, allowing him many surprise comebacks. Alox, Belia, ZCK and Willy have all fallen victim to his deluge of pills this year, and there is no doubt more Fox players will join them in 2017 thanks to constant practice against Meljin and Metalfox in Montpellier.


french melee powerranking2016 aephage

Our second best player from Lyon this year, Aephage has been on an impressive rise that may take him to the top if he can steel his mind. His exotic trio of characters, with Jigglypuff, Ganon and Ice Climbers, make him an uncomfortable opponent for even experienced players, and his observant and trap-filled play makes the best of it, whether with rests or wobbling. This year saw him defeat DjaGoF, FrozenLight, Jah Ridin and Lguy, and this young lion’s path may burst open the gates of Top 10 in 2017.


french melee powerranking2016 willy

Oscillating between wise meditation and thirst for competition, Willy has had a very variable attendance record in 2016 that has nonetheless netted him some good victories. With wins over DjaGoF at LAST VI, Fauster and Samplay at FST, Leon and Cyr at the SSDs, this veteran player still has a lot to show. A master of control, he imposes his own pace of play, with any missteps by his opponent earning strong punishes until GAME is finally called. Placing himself at the gates of Top 10 this year, he has shown that he has nothing to fear from those above him, and might indeed challenge Top 4 should he want to.


french melee powerranking2016 leon

A strong contender in the french Smash 4 scene and that of Brawl before it, and long-time expert Roy player. His return to serious competition with his unique Marth allows him to take his rightful place in the Top 10, with Aether, Alox, Charlon, Fauster, Kid Candi, and many others. His exotic style, inspired by Brawl, is entirely based on observing his opponents and striking at their weaknesses. A bridge to the Smash 4 community, Leon has proved his intelligence to both scenes, but only time will tell if he will rise to the top echelons of Melee as well, as he’s evidently able.


french melee powerranking2016 fauster

A favourite in his role as commentator, the primordial Samus of Lyon is preceded by Cyr in his city of Paris. Despite favouring commentary for a number of his tournaments, Fauster makes a comfortable landing in this top 10 after a decent year : He took first place at the Stunfest, and came near for two SSDs, taking second place to Belia and Mahie respectively. His ingenious and odd playstyle can catch even the best of us unprepared, though Fauster is no stranger to more usual strong Samus play. His trophy wall for 2016 includes such catches as Samplay, Leon, BrTarolg, Alox and Belia. His strength has already been proved, and we hope to see it still in 2017, wherever commentary takes him.

french melee powerranking2016 tier a


french melee powerranking2016 alox

Previously playing in Dijon, Alox is the most recent addition to the Nantes armoury. This Cpt. Falcon player is a warmachine, coupling great speed with a patient neutral game, devastating punishes and prescient tech chases. He follows in the footsteps of Darko, whose colours and winning mentality he proudly bears. In 2016, Alox shoved Leon, Daisuki, LGuy, DjaGoF and Mahie aside on his way to the Top 10 ; he also managed to 4stock a Jigglypuff (played by Prinz) on Dreamland, a feat few humans have accomplished. His iron determination earns him a position with the best, neck and neck with Belia and DjaGoF. No doubt we’ll be seeing some sparks in 2017.


french melee powerranking2016 belia

The Duke of Neuilly. The best Fox in the rankings this year, BeLia is a patient player who, having slowly worked his way up the parisian ladder, now finds himself a stone’s throw away from Top 4. With remarkable victories against both French and foreign opponents (DjaGoF, Leon, Tekk, Alox, LGuy, Frozenlight, SchlimmShady, Deathgazer), he is now established as a threat to any player in any tournament he attends. His methodical style based on solid fundamentals has more than proved its worth. He now intends to take the last few steps to the top in 2017, which will mean taking victories over Mahie, Cyr and Baxon that he has so far been unable to find. No doubt he will be looking to improve on these specific matchups as he has in others – and the best players will need to adapt if they want to keep him from taking the lead in 2017.


french melee powerranking2016 djagof

The icon of Lyon, messiah of Falcon and Kneebringer Supreme DjaGoF ends a year that looks not unlike his play : Brilliant, yet strange. The winner of Neokan Party 3 took sets over Zgetto and Adam in Arcamelee and maintains his domination over the french scene, yet faced upsets at the hands of Belia and Alox and failed again to bring down Baxon this year. He’s made himself known with boasts tending towards infinity, and passionate lack of seriousness ; Djagof is now just a step away from Top 4, lacking only the composure to take it in one stroke. He’s taken sets from everybody in France, and we know how bright he can shine at his zenith. 2017 could be the year his style matures, and allows him to soar above the opposition.


french melee powerranking2016 baxon

Perhaps the best-travelled member of the french community, Baxon is a veteran of Melee. He’s held the title of France’s best Falco for a long time, and perhaps that of Europe’s. His relentless aggression leaves his opponents no time to breathe, and the deluge of blaster shots and shines quickly leads them into combos they won’t be walking away from. Baxon is no stranger to competing abroad, and 2016 saw him travelling to the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain to take sets from Jeapie, Mahie, Westballz and many more! This spacie slayer’s combo game is worthy of the best action films.

However, Baxon still shows signs of weakness against floaties. Cyr in particular has been unreachable despite his presence in their home region of Paris. But Baxon has the means to grow beyond these hurdles, and whether it is with his ravenous Fox or his swindler Falco, his constant practice means his competitors are always at risk of being outdone. If he can find the patience and insight that will let him choose the best moments to approach, he’ll be able to again seize the crown that was his in 2014. He is nonetheless a long-standing monument of the scene, and a hero to falcos everywhere ; and there is no doubt that will continue in 2017.


french melee powerranking2016 cyr

Most often found nesting in his den of Nanterre, Cyr is, rather unlike his Parisian competitor Baxon, a homebody. During the beast’s outings however, few can stand up to its expert Samus play. Cyr’s immaculate zoning leaves nothing to chance in the neutral game, and he’s earned the title of Europe’s best Samus player without even having to travel to prove it. How could it be otherwise, when so many fastfallers crumble before him ? And Cyr has held onto his Top 3 placing ever since his getting there, making him the most consistent player in the community, if there was any doubt.

Known to rarely ever venture outside Paris, Cyr spent 2016 asserting his dominance over the capital, winning every SSD he appeared in (ndt : when he was on time, that is). His appearance at Heir 3 was all the more notable, and not only for his memorable 15 stock run against the swiss crew that stands as a testament to the incredible longevity of his Samus. Always flirting with the highest spot on the podium, it seems that Marth and Jigglypuff still keep it from him this year. A hurdle he might overcome with the help of his secondaries, such as his Falcon who sports expeditive punishes and finely tuned spacing. Like Baxon, Cyr is a jewel of the french terroir with unflinching play and consistent punishes at his command. We only wish this jewel would suffer more exhibits : There are many fastfallers throughout Europe and the world that have yet to know the terror that Cyr’s name should inspire, and numerous podiums left wanting from his absence.


french melee powerranking2016 mahie

The prodigal son of the french scene, Mahie has all the qualities of a great competitor : Passion, insight, sharp reflexes, and an unquenchable thirst to learn. Add some natural talent for stylish play and solid technical fundamentals, and you have a Marth with limitless potential. Mahie has been climbing the competitive ladder for several years now, and has had exceptional success for the past two years. 2015 earned him a spot in the Top 4, and 2016 seems to continue the trend. Mahie looks further : With numerous trips abroad, Mahie has gained experience against a variety of expert european players. Indeed, his trophy wall for 2016 includes catches from far and wide : Reaper (Germany), Zgetto (Netherlands), Zorc (Norway), Peki (Finland), and even a set over Westballz at FST1. In France, he’s had wins over everybody (Tekk, Cyr, Baxon, Belia), but not consistently so, taking first place away from him by a hair.

With his constant activity and a mature vision for play, Mahie has the most potential out of any french player today, and with everything pointing to him taking first place in 2017, his eyes turn to the rest of the world, with players such as Prof Pro and Overtriforce his next hurdles. Adding to this is his wild hunt for all the falcos in the sky, his Marth being one of the best in a matchup that he makes just as cruel and ruthless as falco players fear it can be.

Finally, his educational and laid-back attitude make him the best training partner in the country by far. Mahie’s potential and ambition to take his skills as far as possible are clear ; what’s even more commendable is his ambition to take us all there with him.


french melee powerranking2016 tekk

Lyon’s mascot, who recently moved to Grenoble, once again takes first place in this ranking. Unsurprising, perhaps?

With an explosive playstyle based on constant aggression and thorough drilling of his opponents’ cranium, Tekk revealed himself in 2015 as one of the best Jigglypuffs on the planet and certainly the most spectacular, taking 3rd place in Heir 2 and a multitude of top 8 placements in other internationals.

Though 2016 got off to a rough start for him, with his misadventures at Genesis 3, Tekk nevertheless continued to prove his dominance over his compatriots, including an immaculate 6-0 over Mahie at RoF Summer. The second half of his year was perhaps less bright than we’d been used to, with some unexpected defeats and a drop in attendance, though this is only a reflection of his will to focus on the other parts of his life, at least for now.

We wish him the best, so that he may shine once again and show us that he is indeed, after all, the boss.

We hope this list got you hyped for 2017! Be sure to leave your reaction or your own list in the comment section below!

french melee powerranking2016 full version

Thanks goes out to Joeri for converting the article to SmashEurope

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  • MBK says:

    Luk is a surprisingly underrated player.
    I played him in my Heir 3 pool and the amount of pressure he gave me was insane.
    It made me feel physically sick -something that has never happened to me in any match before.

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