Favorites dominate, veterans struggle at Avalon VIII

Last Saturday’s Dutch event, hosted by Marc and LLL.Remen at community centre De Patio in Zoetermeer, once again reached its venue cap of 130 two weeks in advance. Though the champions of the singles events were no surprise, competition for the runner up spots was fierce, as a result the tournament featured a number of upsets in both Melee and Smash Bros. Wii U (Smash 4).

Melee had 69 players compete in singles and featured a large delegation of German Smashers of which a big portion performed very well. Among them was Ice, the clear favorite, even though he had lost to Amsah last time he came to Holland. He managed to recover from that loss however at B.E.A.S.T. 5 in January where he won the set 3-0. The rematch on Amsah’s home turf was highly anticipated but unfortunately never happened as Amsah fell to Däumling’s wobbling in a very close 3-2 winner semi’s set. From the Dutch top players Ice only encountered Zgetto who he beat 3-0. Ice went on to win winners finals and grand finals without losing a match the entire tournament. This was a clear goal Ice had set out for as he considers it a true statement instead of just another win.

Amsah vs Däumling in losers finals

On the losers side Ice’s fellow German friends took out a large portion of the Dutch top players. Aside from Däumling, the biggest obstacle for the rest of Dutch top 5 appeared to be Reaper, he took out Faab and LLL.Remen, the Avalon VII champion. He then went on to defeat Zgetto 3-2, the Dutch Fox player had several opportunities to close out the set but failed to do so as Reaper managed to clutch it out. Amsah’s trip to losers was bad news for LLL.Jeapie who was sent to losers by Zgetto and had just defeated Dancingqueen. Jeapie lost the set 3-1. This left Amsah as the Netherlands last hope vs Reaper. Germany’s precise and creative Marth player did not make it easy for the Dutch sheik player but still lost 3-1 finishing at a 4th place. In the rematch against Däumling in losers finals Amsah started of well but gradually lost control of the set as he continued to get caught in wobbling setups. The Ice Climbers main closed out the set 3-1 and nearly got the veteran Sheik 4 stocked for the second time in her life.

Däumling aiming for the gold vs Ice

Thus Avalon VIII’s grand finals was an all German one. Ice started the set with Sheik, showing Amsah how it’s done. He continued the set as Fox who’s looking ever more of a threat to the rest of the European top 5.

The German delegation dominated Melee teams top 3 which consisted of around 23 teams. Ice & ProsmasherTim finished 1st over Dancingqueen and Sixx. Reaper and Däumling finished 3rd after defeating Adam & Zgetto twice. Adam & Zgetto finished 4th after eliminating Amsah & Faab who fell to Dancingqueen & Sixx.

Host Marc stands next to the undisputed champion LLL.Mr-R

Smash 4 had 78 players compete in singles. For this event LLL.Mr-R was the clear favorite and there were doubts if he would even lose a game. It came as no surprise then that he secured another Avalon title. The top 3 ended up more or less as predicted, with S1-14 taking second place again and iStudying finishing third. Past that, results were rather fickle as a result of some winner’s side upsets (mainly Rog over Badr and Dave over PikaForLife). Badr went on a rampage in losers, where he defeated Marc, RiVer and Gregs before falling to iStudying.

Thomau5 and Dave working their way to grand finals

Unlike Melee, the champion of singles did not win Smash 4 teams, which was won again by PikaForLife & S1-14. Dave & Thomau5, already turning heads at GGWP2, were the surprising runner-ups, even entering grand finals from the winner’s side. PS~Soreru & RiVer finished third, the latter sporting the now legal 1-1-1-1 Mii Brawler. Kaak & LLL.Mr-R had to settle for fourth place.

The Avalon Impressions viewing and other unveils

Before Melee grand finals, a short documentary shot at Avalon VII was premiered on the stream, which was once again provided by Salty Playground. The creators Styn Burkels and Tjibbe Production can be proud as the docu was received with applause. Rightfully so as it offers a good look into the atmosphere of the Avalon events, with veterans and newcomers sharing their perspectives on competitive Smash and the tournament series itself.

After grand finals two other video’s where shown. The first was a trailer for HFLAN Melee edition. It revealed a donation drive for Poor | Zhu, most known for being on the receiving end of the WOMBO COMBO, but an impressive Falco player from the USA in his own right. After the HFLAN trailer followed a quick teaser for something big coming from SmashEurope’s side. You’re recommended to tune in to DrømmeLAN the 26th of April, when we’ll be revealing more.

The facts and figures

Avalon VIII ran well on time, both events completed before 10PM, a testament to the tight hosting discipline of the TO’s. Compared to the previous edition, which ran quite late, a number of changes were made. Smash 4 ran less bo5’s. As a first for both games, cards were distributed to the players called in for a match. These were used to indicate a tournament set was in progress and prevented the sets from getting interrupted by players looking to play friendlies. Since these had to be returned, players were also quicker to report their matches afterwards. This combined with the relatively short top 5 sets was probably the reason why the event ran so well. The melee matches should appear soon in the Salty Playground channel, Smash4’s matches should appear on the channel of GoodGames Well Played.

Looking ahead to the future, the Avalon team has already revealed the schedule for the remainder of 2015 on the new Avalon FB page. Avalon IX will take place on the 13th of June. Since Marc (who handles pre-registration) is on vacation for 2 months, registration won’t open up till May 30th. In the mean time, Good Games Well Played III is coming up this month and JST 7 in May, as well as various other international events. The German players are at it again at OMD5 today, if you hurry you can still catch them on GeekyGoonSquad.

Photographs taken by myself and iStudying from Good Games Well Played. Thanks to Remen and Marc for help with the article


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