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Since its launch, one of the primary goals of SmashEurope has been to work toward a more unified European community that is capable of running high quality events through effective and efficient international cooperation. This has resulted in the first ever European Smash Bros. tournament circuit, which will be represented by multiple Smash events all over Europe: the European Smash Circuit.

The European Smash Circuit, or ESC for short, seeks to include a qualifying tournament in all European countries in which either Super Smash Bros. Melee or Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is being played competitively. We, the SmashEurope team, will try to include some of the biggest events that will feature both these games simultaneously for as much as possible; however, there can and will be some exceptions to this rule. The first iteration of the ESC will last from May 2015 to January 2016. In addition, rankings will be kept track of on SmashEurope which will be self-contained, meaning they will only pertain to events that are part of the Circuit. These will be accessible through this page after the ESC has kicked off.

ESC 2015: Qualifiers

While events might still be added or changed at this point, currently, associated tournament series and its organizers are:

Super Smash Bros. Melee Qualifiers
Event Date Location Cap Organiser
HFLAN: Melee Edition May 9-10 Paris
256 Pierre Leroy (Slhoka)
Jonathan Montenez (BSeeD)
Heir II the Throne Aug 14-16 Nottingham
United Kingdom
500+ Craig Eddon (Kone)
Helix Sep 26-27 Berlin
200+ Dusan Haro (Usleon)
Steffen Stivo We
Avalon M Oct 3 Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
128 Marc & LLL.Remen
Eclipse Nov 14-15 Oslo
500 Ferdinand Herrera
Håvard Ottosen
Marius Stenberg
Òssom Fights Dec 11-13 Barcelona
250+ David Vázquez (Surrealista)
BEAST 6 Feb 19-21 2016 Göteborg
500+ Alexander Gabrielsson (Lolex)
Adam Lindgren ([A]rmada)
Viktor Johansson (VJ)
Axel Wik (Isa)
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Qualifiers
Event Date Location Cap Organiser
Nens & Gimps Aug 27-30 Valencia
128 Marcbri
Dat Blastzone 7 Oct 3-4 London
128 Tom Scott
The Colosseum Oct 10-11 Rome
250 Filippo Facchetti
Giulio Vitali
Elena Eugeni
Avalon U Nov 7 Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
128 Marc, LLL.Remen
BEAST 6 Feb 19-21 2016 Göteborg
Alexander Gabrielsson (Lolex)
Adam Lindgren ([A]rmada)
Viktor Johansson (VJ)
Axel Wik (Isa)

ESC 2015: Streamers

Salty Playground and Geeky Goon Squad will be streaming most, if not all, of these qualifiers. If they are unable to attend, TO’s will strive to find a suitable replacement.

saltyplayground_logo geekygoonsquad_logo

Rankings and Prizes

All associated events will donate 15% of their Singles pot to the final prize pool. At the end of the Circuit, the top 3 ranked players will receive payouts in a 60-30-10 distribution. To promote travel, you are only eligible for prize money if you have attended at least three qualifiers for your respective game*. The Circuit is accessible for everyone, even for people who are not citizens of a European country, but they will also have to attend at least three qualifiers to have a shot at the title of Circuit champion.

*Update: Due to the lower amount of qualifiers for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, players are now only required to have attended two events to be eligible for prize money.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and play some Smash! Don’t forget to spread #eurosc15 on Twitter and to share this info using social media!


  • Ray says:

    So much HYPE I can’t even hold it.

  • epikfaal says:

    Am I the only one that isn’t hype for this? It seems like all this does is take 30% of the prizepool of all the big events and donates that to leffen armada and ice in january, there isn’t even a hype invitational final where we see the best of europe face off. It seems that this discourages participation from US/Japan since you only get 70% prizes and in order to qualifie for those hidden 30% you need to pay the insane travel costs 3 times. I think this is more bad than good for these events

    • Mr Greeb says:

      I think the point of this is to unify the European smash scene. I think one of the reasons why we’re so lackluster compared to USA is because in the states, the top players get to play each other much more often. This is also why Sweden is at the top; their scene is well established, and their top players get to play each other often. To play against other strong players obviously makes it easier to maintain your skill. If this goes well, then European players have incentive to show at more international tournaments (since you need to attend at least three tournaments), which means our strong players face each other more often, and get better for it.

  • jaffex says:

    Great to hear that maybe someday Europe can have a smash scene like the USA, even if not quite as big. I’ll be sure to tune in to the qualifiers on twitch 😀

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