SmashEurope is the portal for the competitive European Smash Bros. community. While there are strong local scenes in many European countries with their own websites and social media platforms, there has always been a clear need for a central hub. Through this blog we intend to not only make information more accessible to those unfamiliar with the European smash community, but also keep veteran enthusiasts up to date with noteworthy developments. Furthermore, we want to work towards a more unified European community capable of running high quality events through effective and efficient international cooperation.

The Team

SmashEurope could not have become a reality without the commitment of these people. They have been, and will continue their hard work to change the website into a vivid community. If you’d wish to contact any of them, please use the Contact form.

Writer, site updates & social media

Joeri van Ees[X]
As a longtime member of the Dutch Melee community, Joeri has often provided match recordings of Dutch and European events and assisted the Project M team with playtests in the early years. Nowadays he assists the Avalon staff, updates the SmashNL social media accounts and has written or provided input for several articles on both SmashNL and Smashboards. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Gamedesign from Utrecht School of the Arts, his portfolio can be found over at www.joerivanees.com. He primarily plays Melee.

Editor, writer

Marc Hagen[X]
A member of the Dutch and international smash community since its incarnation and a high level competitor in Melee, Brawl and Smash 4 as well as an admin on Smashboards. He has been involved in some way in pretty much any major development in the Smash community over the past years and tries to keep up with all installments of the franchise. He hosts the Avalon series in a precise and disciplined manner together with his longtime partner in crime, Remen, and rains judgement upon any language mistakes he comes across.


Remen Shafi[X]
A top competitor in the Dutch and international Melee community since its inception and one of the few European players sponsored, by LowLandLions. Remen studies Japanese and was the only Dutch player to qualify for the MLG Anaheim Finals event after winning the Japanese qualifier. He hosts Avalon together with Marc.

Admins and webmasters

Cas C4SD Dekkers[X]
Without this smart and resourceful Dutch IT student, you wouldn’t be reading this. Cas did most of the design and all of the web development for SmashEurope and will continue to improve it where needed.

Rutger Utto Mensch[X]
After competing with Peach in Melee for several years and hosting the Ushost series, Rutger tried his hand at web development and built SmashNL, the home of the Dutch community. Under this banner he was the main TO for the now discontinued SmashNL tournaments. After working in web development for several years, Rutger is currently travelling and mainly provided Cas with input.

Media, footage and logo

Gustav Alm Rosenblad[X]
Never too shy to make a quick change to a logo or follow up on a request, Gustav designed the SmashEurope Logo as well as the one for B.E.A.S.T. V and SmashSweden. He studies Information Technology at Chalmers Institute of Technology and is available for any graphic design requests you might have.

David Vázquez[X]
David made the awesome teaser for SmashEurope. He runs his own animation company, Òssom Animations, and has big plans to grow the Spanish Smash community through the Òssom Fights series.

Marius Stenberg[X]
Marius Stenberg has been travelling through Europe the past year recording a lot of video footage. Some of it has made its way into the SmashEurope teaser and the B.E.A.S.T. V trailer, the rest might appear in some other form in the upcoming years.

Associated Tournament Organizers

Pierre Slhoka Leroy[X]
Pierre’s been contributing to the French Melee community since 2005, starting out with co-hosting the Epita Smash Arena series and more recently getting Melee into hf.lan and Republic of Fighters. He now resides in French Guiana, South America, and is working for the French space agency. Though far away he always offers valuable advice and continues to assist the French and European community.

Jonathan BSeeD Montenez[X]
Jonathan has become a major asset to the French community over the last few years. He has done a lot for the Republic of Fighters series, is LeFrenchMelee’s vice president and responsible for having Melee and Smash for Wii U alongside Street Fighter as main events at Cannes Winter Clash.

Adam Armada Lindgren[X]
Alliance Armada is mostly known for his consistent top performances in the international Melee community. He can pride himself on being the current European champion and a strong contender for the world title, in addition to being credited with shaping the Peach metagame. He also co-hosts the B.E.A.S.T and Beauty series together with Lolex and has become a frequent streamer.

Craig Eddon[X]
As a veteran member of the British scene, Kone has been responsible for several successful international Melee events in the UK. He has been instrumental in the growth of the UK Smash community and has big plans for 2015.

Ferdinand Herrera[X]
Ferdinand hosts the Drømmelan series in Norway.