After the success of Road to Valhalla, a successful Melee circuit that ran in The Netherlands and flew in the circuit champion to Valhalla II in Denmark past winter, head tournament organizer(TO) of the circuit, Jimmy, is taking the next step with an intercontinental collaboration. Together with Aiden, head TO of Don’t Park On The Grass in Seattle, they are introducing The Road to Don’t Park on the Grass, a European Melee circuit in which the top players on the leaderboard can earn a flight to the popular super major in Seattle.

High time for an interview with the both of them to learn more!

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In recent years, the German Melee Backroom and TOs have repeatedly wished to strengthen the link between the German speaking scenes. Although there were a large number of tournaments, none of them united players from all regions of Germany. In order to change this, German TOs and Melee community figureheads have been working together over the last few months on a new joint project.

Today they would like to present the fruits of that labor and introduce the German Melee Circuit 2019(GMC2019).

At qualifier events all over Germany players can collect points for the Circuit Ranking in Melee Singles, Melee Doubles and Regional Crews almost every month, starting this February. The Circuit finishes at the end of the year with a Final Event. The highest ranked players will again compete against each other in every format to win the title, prize money, and bragging rights. With the GMC2019 the team hopes to strengthen the regional communities by organizing tournaments on a national level throughout Germany and Austria to ensure a stable and growing Melee scene.

The following text will be in German. For the English version, please visit the following link.

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Valhalla II TO interview

Valhalla was a milestone moment for the Danish Smash scene having historically been one of the smaller scenes in Europe. Copenhagen’s brand new major was to fill the winter void last year that the Swedish Beast series had left after it was discontinued. Very big shoes to fill considering it was the series’s first instalment. While the turnout did not match the numbers of the last Beast event it ran well, still attracted 271 players and ended with a grand finals between TSM | Leffen and Alliance | Armada to be remembered. This gave enough confidence to the team to pursue Valhalla II and take it to the next level.

With 382 total players signed up for the next edition, Armada and Leffen’s highly anticipated first Smash Bros. Ultimate(Ultimate) tournament appearance since the game’s release and the majority of the European top players in both Melee and Ultimate in attendance the event is looking to give a smashing start to the new tournament year.

High time to sit down with one of Europe’s well known commentators and head tournament organiser(TO) of the Valhalla team, Julius “King Funk” Vissing, to learn more about the Danish Smash scene, what brought the series to life, how it has adapted itself to meet the expectations of a major Smash event in this day and age and what he recommends to fellow European TOs to focus on this year.

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