DreamHack Rotterdam TO interview

While Melee and Smash Bros. Ultimate(Ultimate) continue to be included in the editions of DreamHack in the States and Ultimate is part of the upcoming Winter and Summer editions of DreamHack in Sweden and even Leipzig in Germany, Melee is no longer included in either. Though attendance numbers were declining at previous European DreamHack events, this is a particular hit for top players that were looking to attend and take home the multi k prize pool that the popular LAN series had offered in the past. However, Melee and DreamHack in Europe don’t appear to have broken up quite yet as DreamHack makes its first appearance in the Netherlands this October and both games are included in the line up.

We sat down with two of the main organizers of the Melee competition at DreamHack to learn more of their motivations to include the game into the lineup and their intentions to make the first NTSC major on Dutch soil an experience worth remembering.

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Over the past months the European Melee scene has been gradually transitioning from PAL to NTSC through trials and surveys to poll the interest and assess the potential impact on the player base. Last wednesday evening the representative figureheads of the Melee scene for each European country within the European Smash back-room reviewed the current status of NTSC trials and assessed the current preference of dominant version within the continent. Time for an update on the situation.

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Super Bou 3 TO interview

The European Smash summer has certainly been packed this year! The Bous Crew is prepping to close it in style this weekend in the sunny city of Barcelona with SuperBou 3. Aside from a high level competitive ground the crew’s primary focus on site is to offer a chill summer holiday experience that’s characterised by the ‘Bous Spirit’ which the the crew accommodates by booking a complete hostel with a pool and restaurant/bar for the entire weekend to facilitate various leisure activities like a pool on site, beer pong, mafia and an afterparty to cool off.

Enough reason to learn more about that ‘Bous Spirit’ from the head tournament organiser(TO) of the crew, T-BAG. In addition he updates us on the current state of the Spanish scene, their inspiration for the Bous series, how the crew divides the work and avoids TO burnouts, the future ambitions with the SuperBou series and if, given it’s format, a collaboration with Smash Summit could be an option for the future.

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