The history of the Smash community is filled with community leaders whose names have been forgotten, or who were never that well known to begin with. A couple of years ago one of those smashers – an influential Dutch tournament organiser (TO) who goes by the nickname of Exalador – was diagnosed with a devastating autoimmune disease called multiple sclerosis (MS), which attacks the nervous system and prevents your body from functioning correctly. Given that Exalador had a crucial role in keeping Melee alive in the Dutch community during a time when it was on the decline (between 2007 and 2011), we want to raise awareness about his accomplishments, his recent struggles, and what we can do as a worldwide family to help him.

Update: Popular streamer, YouTuber and former Melee world champion Alliance| Armada has donated to the cause and created a Reddit thread on r/smashbros that you can support here

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After the success of Road to Valhalla, a successful Melee circuit that ran in The Netherlands and flew in the circuit champion to Valhalla II in Denmark past winter, head tournament organizer(TO) of the circuit, Jimmy, is taking the next step with an intercontinental collaboration. Together with Aiden, head TO of Don’t Park On The Grass in Seattle, they are introducing The Road to Don’t Park on the Grass, a European Melee circuit in which the top players on the leaderboard can earn a flight to the popular super major in Seattle.

High time for an interview with the both of them to learn more!

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In recent years, the German Melee Backroom and TOs have repeatedly wished to strengthen the link between the German speaking scenes. Although there were a large number of tournaments, none of them united players from all regions of Germany. In order to change this, German TOs and Melee community figureheads have been working together over the last few months on a new joint project.

Today they would like to present the fruits of that labor and introduce the German Melee Circuit 2019(GMC2019).

At qualifier events all over Germany players can collect points for the Circuit Ranking in Melee Singles, Melee Doubles and Regional Crews almost every month, starting this February. The Circuit finishes at the end of the year with a Final Event. The highest ranked players will again compete against each other in every format to win the title, prize money, and bragging rights. With the GMC2019 the team hopes to strengthen the regional communities by organizing tournaments on a national level throughout Germany and Austria to ensure a stable and growing Melee scene.

The following text will be in German. For the English version, please visit the following link.

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