Roll Dynasty Tournament

Date From 14 Apr, 2017 to 16 Apr, 2017 (3-day event)
Country Spain
For entering the venue, you will have to pay the venue fee of € 5.00.
Singles: entrants N/A, € 7.00.Doubles: entrants N/A, € 5.00.
Singles: entrants N/A, € 7.00.Doubles: entrants N/A, € 5.00.
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A

From the place that witnessed the birth of tournaments like Densetsu Fighters, Nens&Gimps, and Dairantou, now comes rolling from end to end of the stage a new instalment, the Roll Dynasty Tournament.

Our hope is to work hard and make this tournament in the best way possible, and that can help us make the RDT a new saga of national tournaments prominent in Spain.

We can hold up to 200 people in the venue, where you can sleep at no further cost all 3 days of the tournament.

Don’t miss the next chapter in the history of competitive Smash in Spain. And remember… when we roll, we are invincible!

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