DreamHack Summer 2017

Date From 17 Jun, 2017 to 20 Jun, 2017 (4-day event)
Country Sweden
For entering the venue, you will have to pay the venue fee of € 61.00.
Singles N/A
Doubles N/A

The DreamHack Smash Championship 2017 season covers events in North America and Europe. In total there will be $100,000 on the line in Smash tournaments during our 2017 LAN events. Six events will host Smash tournaments; four in North America, and two in Sweden. Alongside this, DH supports Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U at all North American events!

The DreamHack Smash Championship in Super Smash Bros. Melee at DreamHack Summer 2017 features a $10,000 singles tournament! Registration is now live, register at the DHSmash page.

To enter, players require an event pass. These cost 600 SEK (roughly €61,-)

Prizepool Breakdown
1st – $5,000
2nd – $2,500
3rd – $1,000
4th – $500
5-6th – $300
5-6th – $300
7-8th – $200
7-8th – $200

Note: All times are Central European Summer Time. The schedule are subject of change and DreamHack may change, delete, or update it at any time and without prior notice. Please check back to get the latest version prior to the tournament. The tournament will be played on an accelerated schedule. Actual time is depending of the number of players attending.

Saturday June 18th 2017
Start: 10:00am
Sunday June 18th 2017
Start: 10:00am

All times are local

Stay Updated
Make sure to follow @DreamHackSmash on Twitter and @DreamHackSmash on Facebook for the latest news about the circuit!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact on FGC@DreamHack.com and to be part of the conversation use the hashtag #DHSmash and #DHS17.

To follow updates on all DreamHack events be sure to check in with DreamHack.com and follow DreamHack on Twitter and @DreamHackFestival. If you want more behind the scenes and incredible photos, check out their Instagram and Snapchat!

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