Dash Dancers Dawn

Date From 22 Jul, 2017 to 22 Jul, 2017 (1-day event)
Country Germany
For entering the venue, you will have to pay the venue fee of € 7.00.
Singles: 128 entrants, € 8.00.Doubles: entrants N/A, € 5.00.
Doubles N/A

Smash Generations invites you to murder on the dance floor: As an extension to our weekly series “Dash Dancers“, we proudly present the biggest melee tournament in Düren.

What we have for you:

  • 96-128 player cap
  • 5€(early bird)/ 7€(late duck) entry fee
  • Melee Singles (8ppl pools) & Teams
  • 1000€+ Pricepool (if the max cap is reached)
  • 40+ TVs
  • cheap food/drink supply at the location (4,5€ Pizza, 0,3l Bier 1,5€, 1l Cola 3€ etc.)
  • close to the Belgium/Netherlands border – easy to reach

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