Heir III TO interview


Heir 3 was a landmark event for the United Kingdom(UK) and the European scene in general. The staff successfully managed to strike a balance between an old school atmosphere and the positive aspects of eSports that we see in the scene today. Not only did each of its individual competitions break European attendance records, but the event also offered dorm accommodation, a marque and numerous other events besides the usual offering of tournaments.
After its successful conclusion it received countless of praise from various prominent community members and the majority of those that were in attendance. I had a chance to interview Team Heir to learn what “more than a tournament” really means to them, how they approach an event of this scale and to ask for their perspective on the UK scene as it grew over the years and the state that it exist today.

The Contract


The Contract is a recently announced Salty Suite that’s to be played out at Heir 3. Salty Suites were popularised in the States by MeleeItOnMe on VGBootCamp a few years ago. As the name implies, they usually contain encounters between players that hold a grudge, have a high stake or stand out. Popular examples include Leffen vs Chillin, Leffen vs SFAT and Amsah vs aMSa. Team Heir decided to take a different approach by offering a year long sponsorship to the winner, which includes coverage of all the player’s travels to European events. While any player that entered Heir could have entered the contest, only the top 8 get to actually compete in a single elimination bracket for the prize. To make it into top 8, the players have to be voted in by Heir 3 attendees, which is a concept similar to Smash Summit.

Syndicate 2016 TO interview


Syndicate 2016 is a collaboration between the TOs for Avalon (Melee/Smash 4) and GGWP (Smash 4), the two biggest consistent tournament series the Netherlands currently has to offer. The event can be considered a major milestone for the Dutch community: while the country has the oldest Smash scene in Europe and no shortage of locals and (inter)national events, a two-day major of this scale has not happened before. The TOs managed to secure the Jaarbeurs, the country’s biggest event center, for a combined Smash 4 and Melee major. Recent announcements include sponsorshop deals with Smashboards and Joylent, in addition to various confirmed top player updates that include Armada, Mr-R, Professor Pro, Android, Zgetto, Greward, Fuzzyness, Jeapie, S1 and many others. The event currently has more than 300 confirmed players in total.

Joeri sat down with two of the organisers behind the event, Marc Hagen and Greg Landbrug, to learn more about the TOing history of the country, the preparations going into Syndicate and the state of TOing in Europe.