Eclipse 2 TO interview

Eclipse 2 continued the collaboration between Smash Norge and Pressfire. The Eclipse series aims to stand out through its production quality. The second incarnation featured a hand crafted commentary desk, an FM channel for the attendants to tune in to the commentators and on-stream interviews with top players between sets. Unlike most European sponsors, Pressfire is closely involved with the organisation of the event itself. That’s a rare occurrence in the European scene and though it offers a lot of benefits it also raises questions concerning the marriage of a grassroots culture and eSports aspirations. Joeri travelled to the event and managed to sit down with Havard ‘Howie’ Ottosen of Smash Norge and Erik Fossum of Pressfire to provide more insight into their collaboration, the challenges they faced and their perspective on Smash in Europe.

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French Melee PowerRanking 2016

We’re honoured to release the English version of the French Melee PowerRanking provided to us by LeFrenchMelee! The list was written with mastery by Tekk, translated with wit by Guilu, Tikaal and Exile, and illustrated with elegance by Hercules.

These 30 people were voted as the best French Super Smash Bros. Melee players of 2016. Keep in mind that only people who got out of pools at two French nationals this year were eligible to this list and able to cast their votes. This rules out Makenshi and Charlon, among others, but we’re positive that they will be highly ranked in 2017!

Without further ado, let us introduce the finest players of 2016 in this list.

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Heir III TO interview

Heir 3 was a landmark event for the United Kingdom(UK) and the European scene in general. The staff successfully managed to strike a balance between an old school atmosphere and the positive aspects of eSports that we see in the scene today. Not only did each of its individual competitions break European attendance records, but the event also offered dorm accommodation, a marque and numerous other events besides the usual offering of tournaments.
After its successful conclusion it received countless of praise from various prominent community members and the majority of those that were in attendance. I had a chance to interview Team Heir to learn what “more than a tournament” really means to them, how they approach an event of this scale and to ask for their perspective on the UK scene as it grew over the years and the state that it exist today.

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